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Swale at Burlington’s Lake Champlain Maritime Festival 11am to Noon   Leave a comment

I just got back from seeing Swale at the waterfront. They played from 11am to noon. There was a small seated crowd at their stage, and the rest of the Maritime festival was slowly coming to life. Lots of food and craft vendors have set up shop and people are wandering around, checking things out.

The sun was warm, but the breeze was nice. Swale kept things nice and mellow, for the most part. Gorgeous versions of Sour Piggy Bank, Middlesex, and If you get Lost, filled my heart with joy. Waterlanding was a mellow version that almost unleashed some rock and roll fury in the late middle section, then they brought it back down. The energy soared for Popular Crowd and I’ve Got A Feeling, then eased back. They ended on a high note with Everyone Likes to Fight, and that was that.

Ok, 4 hours of work, then back to the waterfront for the Black Crowes tonight. Thanks Mike Luoma!