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Kitten Of The Sea, Sink Or Swim, and Doom Service at The Monkey House April 7, 2018   Leave a comment


Kitten Of The Sea


I had a great time seeing music a few Saturdays ago at The Monkey House. I’ve been a fan of Doom Service for a while and was excited to see them and buy their brand new album.

It was a long work day, but I made it through and got home and ate dinner. I took the lovely long walk to Winooski and got in and settled. Kitten of the Sea took the stage and started to rock. The had an epic opening sound that fell into a solid rock song. The music had a nice indie bounce to it and the lyrics were about how I promise you things will be better next time. The second song rocked nicely too and Meghan’s vocals were strong and clear. I think it was about bleeding. At that point they had set a nice tone. They mixed that up on the third song when bassist Avogadro Jones began to sing. His voice was cool and the music took a dark heavy punk turn that went through many changes. It was a prog punk song and was just great. I think it was about alienation. Megan returned to the vocals as the band rocked out songs about wishing I had never met you and my heart. Jones sang another that was heavy, though not quite as proggy. It was about something in my dreams. They sang a fun short punk song then sang one about codependency, enabling and about Joey dying. They closed their debut set with a song about how just because it’s normal it doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. I loved their show and would see them again in a heartbeat.

Up next, Sink or Swim hit us hard with their classic old school punk sound. They rocked a couple of songs that included one about my beautiful world without you. A short classic hardcore song was fun and the whole set was fast loud and glorious. They played so hard they blew one of the guitar amps but rocked the show to a close anyway. They were great.



Sink Or Swim

Doom Service hit the stage and unleashed their full new album on us. All of the songs on The Uncanny Doom Service are fun and they sounded great in the full room. Jurrassic Bark was especially cool as was the song about The X-Files called Nothing Important. All of the songs have nice meoldies and rock really hard. They wrapped up the album with Coast To Ghost then took a short break. They came back for a cover of Hey Jealousy then welcomed us to the Hellmouth. They rocked out a couple more then called it a night. I was elated.

At some point my friend Nathan Curtis stopped in so we bought the album and some merch and I caught a ride home. What a great night



Doom Service