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Radio Show 241 Thursday January 18, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment


The Mountain Says No at Robot Dog Studio pic by Tim Lewis

Tonight’s local music show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm US eastern time Thursday January 18th and can be streamed from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows

Song before: The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid – The Decemberists


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I just heard that Hana Zara is coming back to town on February 11th and I’m very excited. Let’s begin with a song about coming home.

1.) Zion Boat – Hana Zara
2.) Shady Grove – Ben Slotnick – Mandolinist
3.) And The Gods – The New Siberians
4.) Kentucky – Cricket Blue

I haven’t caught up with Cricket in a while and they are playing the show with Hana next month and that just makes it even more great. Another great song from the Siberians album Black, Blue, and White. Cool song from Ben. OK, let’s head over to Robot Dog Studio for some live music and an interview with The Mountain Says No.

5.) The Jam – The Mountain Says No
6.) If You Lie – The Mountain Says No
7.) Right Bright Lord – The Mountain Says No
8.) 3,000 Incubators – The Mountain Says No

Thanks Ryan Cohen for making us sound so great and thanks Mountain! OK, let’s rock.

9.) Loose Tooth – Clever Girls
10.) Not Good – Peg Tassey MUSIC
11.) Morning Again – Doll Fight
12.) Planning My Funeral – Poxy

I caught Poxy a couple of times at 242 Main. I think they broke up but were loud and furious for a while. Doll fight were an amazing band. I’m glad they left us so much great music. Peg rocked us hard in the ’90’s and hopefully will again in the future. Great song from Clever. This next band just released an album called Odd Todd.

13.) Two Girls – Comrade Nixon
14.) Buy Two, Get None Free – Crime Scene
15.) Fear Monger – Get A Grip
16.) There’s A Problem – Mr. Doubtfire
17.) Gross Indecency – Comrade Nixon

I figured if I was playing a song about indecency I had to play the Doubtfire song too. Grip and Crime are from a new Vt hardcore album from Get Stoked! Records. Nice work from Comrade. So, Rough Francis just released a new EP! Here it is.

18.) Don’t Look Back – ROUGH FRANCIS
19.) Hangin’ On – Rough Francis
20.) Waiting – Rough Francis
21.) Blind Pigs – Rough Francis

Pigs was the b-side from MSP2. The other three are all great and new songs. Yea. OK, let’s keep rocking.

22.) Drug Laws – SWALE
23.) The Light – Kat Wright
24.) Little Murder – Myra Flynn Music

Myra will release her new album Never Mind The Mourning tomorrow at Shelburne Vineyard. That’s a song from the album. Great song from Kat and the band. Swale are so great. OK, let’s rock the rest of the night away with another local legend.

25.) The Snake->The Violent Strain Of My Broken Heart – Seth Yacovone Band.

That was recorded at Nectar’s December 16, 2017. Thanks Archive.Org. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:
Mission Statement – Fish
New Orleans Is Sinking – The Tragically Hip
I Write A Poem – Dam Kat
Symmetry (The Way Things Have To Be) – jane siberry
Veteran Of The Psychic Wars – Blue Oyster Cult
Lightning Strike – Judas Priest
Heaven Or Hell – Dio
Kundalini Express – Love And Rockets
Experiment IV – Kate Bush
My Old House – Andriana Chobot
Kaleidoscope – Arc Iris
Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
Someday You Will Be Loved – Death Cab For Cutie
Early Morning Dreams – Pete Townshend
So Love May Find Us – The Church Band
The Wanting Comes In Waves (reprise) – The Decemberists
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Radio Show 240 Thursday January 11, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment


Bardela at Radio Bean pic by Tim Lewis


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm US Eastern time Thursday January 11 2018 and can be streamed from our website or this Facebook page link WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: Five Years – David Bowie


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin tonight with another cool song from Where Amanda Is King.

1.) House Of Mirrors – Hana Zara
2.) Maria – Francesca Blanchard
3.) Winter – David L Jarvis
4.) Low Down Mid-December – Eastern Mountain Time

I love the cold dark feel of December and Winter. They nicely describe what it feels like to be in Vermont at this time of year. Maria is a new song and if you purchase it from Francesca’s Bandcamp page the money will be donated to relief for Puerto Rico. Great song from Hana. So, last night we recorded the first live at Robot Dog Studio for 2018 and here it is.

5.) Here In LA – Bardela
6.) Country Comes To Town – Bardela
7.) I Know You Rider – Bardela
8.) The Crow – Bardela

I want to thank Jeff Barrows, Arty LaVigne, Cooie DeFrancesco, Mark Christensen, and Dave Simpson for playing so well, and Ryan Cohen for making us all sound so great. There will be lots more of these in 2018. OK, this next artist just released a cool video for this song.

9.) Come Dance – Kat Wright
10.) Haze – gneiss
11.) Hurricane Jane – Hayley Jane and the Primates
12.) Paycheck (live) – Slingshot Dakota

Slingshot come to town once or twice a year and rock us. They just released an Audiotree live album on Bandcamp and it’s cool to have live music from them. Cool rocker from Haley and the band. Gneiss are at Red Square tonight. Great song from Kat. OK, here is the next song on Black, Blue, and White

13.) Racers – The New Siberians
14.) Statistik – The Mountain Says No
15.) Politicians In My Eyes – Death World Wide
16.) Vestibule – Blue Button

Button are so much fun and rock so hard. Great classic from Death. Will they have something new soon? Mountain will do a Robot Dog session next week and I’m very excited. Will they play new songs? Great song from Siberians. OK, let’s keep rocking.

17.) The Day I Met You – Dirtminers
18.) Giving Up The Ghost – Aaron Flinn
19.) Full Moon, Dark Places – Bull & Prairie
20.) Bomb – Envy

Envy rocked us hard in the ’90’s. Great song from B&P. Those are classics from Aaron and Raph Worrick‘s band. OK, let’s see how the past rocked us so we can understand the future.

21.) Las Vegas – Ninja Custodian
22.) Fly On The Wall – Zola Turn
23.) Screwball – Screaming Broccoli
24.) Hold Me Tight – The Decentz

Decentz were so fun back in the ’80’s. Broccoli rocked us in the late ’80’s, Zola in the ’90’s and Ninja straddled that line. This next band will be at SideBar on Sunday.

25.) All Is Lost – The Mountain Carol
26.) Bowie’s Heroes (in partial) – Ouzkxqlzn
27.) The Mists – Aram Bedrosian
28.) Millwall Brick – Grease face
29.) East Jabip – REDadmiral

Admiral will be at Radio Bean next Wednesday. Grease will be at Big Heavy World tomorrow. Cool song from Aram. Lauren Costello played a show on Monday in honor of David Bowie’s birthday. Ouzkxqlzin is her band or her solo. Great song from Carol. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:
White Feather – Fish
I’ll Believe In You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight) – The Tragically Hip
Lightning Strike – Judas Priest
Paranoid – Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden (live) – Iron Maiden
Heroes – King Crimson
Devil Inside Me – Dam Kat
Supper’s Ready (live with Gabriel) – Genesis
Siberian Khatru – Yes
Is This Where You Live? – The Church Band
Orange Like Water – The Cush
Afraid Of Sunlight – Marillion
I Lost My Marbles – Joshua Glass Music
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Judas Priest and Steel Panther at the Bell Center in Montreal October 6, 2014   Leave a comment

I had a great time seeing music Monday night in Montreal. I took a bus to Shelburne, picked up a car and my brother Ken, then drove north. The changing leaves made the drive gorgeous and the ride was smooth until we got into Montreal. We usually park in the lot in front of the Bell Center. It’s a bit expensive, but excessively convenient. A building is going up on the lot so I got turned around a little and got stuck on a highway going around town. I got off and headed back, and eventually found a small parking lot half way between the arena and St Catherine st.
We looked around the metal section of HMV for a bit then got a bite of dinner, but soon headed to the show.
I bought tickets on the fan pre-sale, so our red section seats were pretty close to the stage. It was almost too close, as the angle did not let us see much of the video screen that was at the back of the stage.
At 7:30 the lights went down and opener Steel Panther hit the stage with the first two songs from their new album. They followed with a five minute schtick where they insulted each other and gave time for the bass player to touch up his lipstick. I was a bit worried, but after that they dived into a bunch of glam metal party songs that had nice melodies and were pretty fun. Towards the end of the set they invited lots of women from the audience to come up to the stage and dance for a couple of songs. They cleared the stage, played one more, and called it a night. It was 8:30 when they wrapped up and the roadies cleared their gear from the stage.
At 9pm the lights went down and the opening music changed from playing the whole Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap album, to a much louder version of Black Sabbath playing War Pigs. A third of the way into the song, or so, the music shifted to the opening strains of Dragonaught, the banner in front of the stage dropped, and Judas Priest charged into the song. They whipped us into a frenzy with the opener then went classic with a killer version of Metal Gods! Rob stomped around the stage as Richie and Glen lit up the song with their guitars. If Ritchie was the new guy on the last tour, now he was a perfectly integrated part of the Priest this time around. His lead work was brilliant all night long and he ran around the stage with gusto. Glen spent most of the evening hanging back and ripping out some of the greatest lead breaks in metal. Ian stayed at the back of the stage, constantly rocking back and forth, keeping the sledgehammer riffs perfectly locked in with Scott’s thunderous drumming. After Gods, they went back to Screaming For Vengeance and played Devil’s Child. For the next song they went way back and played a killer Victim Of Changes. Rob’s voice was piercingly beautiful. They returned to the new album for a song that already sounds like a classic. Halls Of Valhalla is as huge and epic as anything they have ever done. A chunky crunchy Love Bites followed, then they returned to the new album for the sludgy March Of The Damned. Turbo Lover rocked hard and Rob made us sing the chorus. We were happy to oblige. Rob chatted with the audience a little and said they would play an older slower song. Beyond The Realms Of Death went from slow and searing into an epic musical explosion. Jawbreaker rocked us hard then Rob had us sing every part of the lyric for Breaking The Law. We held up our end nicely. The stage got quiet and everyone moved back. A loud roar and a stream of smoke filled the room as Rob rode the Harley onstage, Hell Ben For Leather rocked hard and ended the set.
It only took a minute, maybe less, and Rob came back out and got the audience singing. When we had gone through enough vocal histrionics, the band came out and we sang You’ve Got Another Thing Coming with them. They kind of left the stage again, though Scott remained behind the kit, and they came right back for Living After Midnight. An intro snippet of Heavy Duty lead into band and audience singing Defenders Of The Faith. When the final strains faded out they took their bows, tossed drumsticks and guitar picks to the audience and said good night.
The house lights came up and we filed out with hearts filled with metal joy. The ride home was quick and smooth, and after dropping Ken in Shelburne, I walked in at 1:00am. What a great time, I’m so glad I went!