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If I Knew by Binger a song review   2 comments

I just got a chance to listen to a new song from Binger.  It’s called If I knew and it is really cool.  The song begins with a welcoming bass riff from Shakir Stephen that is punctuated with some nice cymbal work from Dalton Muzzy.  The relaxed comfortable groove lays out a platform for the twin vocals from Stephen and Stephanie Heaghney.  The vocals mix spoken word and sung lyrics and skirts the line between complimenting and competing with each other.  It’s fun to follow either one, and listening to both is somehow less chaotic than it sounds, as they wrap the words around each other.  The mellow nature of the groove puts the lyrics right out front, so they better be good, but it’s Binger performing, so you know they will speak about universal truths about ones journey through life.  Lines like “Flip-flopping from memories to hopes and dreams, constantly afraid that what we’re seeing isn’t how it seems, constantly aware that all we’ve got is all we’ve ever had, and realizing limits don’t submit but create good and bad” ask questions and pose answers to some of the most basic human experiences.  Binger are truly wonderful at this type of thing.  Around half way through the song the lyrics end and Braden Winslow’s guitar kicks into the classic Binger sound, and the song begins to jam in earnest.  The mellow sting of the notes rocks the song to a lovely conclusion.  Binger’s first album, Roots In The Rabbit Hole is really great, and judging from If I Knew, their next album will be just as wonderful.

You can now listen to If I Knew at Binger’s Bandcamp page here:



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