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Alive for now and always   Leave a comment

I’m alive and living now

But soon I will be going

I enjoy this corporal time

And all the seeds I’m sowing

Soon enough

This suit of flesh

Will release

A soul of fire

And while I’m still here

I will be dancing

I will be listening

To the song you sing

Oh, please do not get me wrong

I’m really in no hurry

I love this little tavern

And its many charming pints

So many flavors that can be savored

So many floors that can be danced upon

So many people to make it so fun

Life can be pleasant underneath the sun

But life can have such darkness

Leaving heaven far behind

Where people choose such harshness

I’ll not stay trapped with this kind

Our body’s souls are fire

Slowly vibrating under

The physical laws of life

That chaos runs asunder

And I know that we will go

To a home of love and light

When we have emerged from this

Garden of earthly delight

Posted January 12, 2013 by tmusicfan in Lyrics

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