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High Summer at Summervale in the Intervale August 16, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a week ago Thursday at Summervale. I had not made it to any of the shows that happen beside the Intervale Center this year, and had been meaning to see the band. The timing was pretty great so a little after 5 I took a walk down the hill into Burlington’s farmland.

I got in and found some food and a beer and soon enough, it was time for High Summer to play. They opened with an instrumental that had a nice rock groove and a ’60’s detective show theme kind of feel. Miriam Bernardo came in on the second song and her lovely voice filled my heart. The song had a mellow Traffic vibe. The third song was about infinity and fluid dreams and rocked a little harder than the second song and a little less than the first. The next one had a reggae feel and featured a nice Jacob Deva Racusin sax solo at the end. They played songs about fleeting memories and seeing the sun. An instrumental written by the guitarist followed. It had a jam opening, a prog middle and was quite cool. They stopped for a bit when Chelsea from the Intervale got up to speak about the event and about all the great work the Intervale center does. The band returned for a song with just Miriam and the guitar player that was about loving you forever. The band came back and they added a little guitar muscle to a cover of They Way You Make Me Feel. They moved a bit towards reggae for a song about how time and space keep stretching then moved to a rock steady feel for one about seeing the morning sunshine. They kicked it up a notch and let the brass rock out a song about how long is our lifeline. They sounded great, but I had work to do. About 7:15 I reluctantly ducked out but still enjoyed their lovely sound as I walked up the hill.

I’m so glad I finally caught up with them and will do so again soon.


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