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Radio Show 247 Thursday March 1, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment


The Mountain Carol at Robot Dog Studio pic by Tim Lewis


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm US Eastern time Thursday March 1st. You can stream it from the website or this Facebook link WBKM. It will go as follows.

Song before Elected – Alice Cooper


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin tonight with a woman who has been playing all over town a lot recently.

1.) Maria – Francesca Blanchard
2.) The Way It Is – Maryse Smith
3.) Paper Doll – Matt the Gnat and the Gators
4.) My Fear Of Losing You – Milton Busker

Milton and his band will be at Light Club Lamp Shop on Monday. Matt and his gator songs will be at Nectar’s on Wednesday. Maryse will play Friday at The Gallery for the Frank DeAngelis art opening. Francesca is at Radio Bean tonight. OK, let’s head over to Robot Dog Studio.

5.) Adventure Safari – The Mountain Carol
6.) Underneath – The Mountain Carol .
7.) Shadow Puppets – The Mountain Carol .
8.) Deano – The Mountain Carol .

Thanks for playing so well Mountain! Thanks Ryan Cohen for making us sound so good and thanks Burlington Beer Company for the libations. OK, this next band have been playing around for a while and have finally released an album called Historia de un Inmigrante. Let’s dive in and take a listen.

9.) Country Cumbia – Mal Maïz
10.) Clandestino – Mal Maïz
11.) Fantasma – Mal Maïz
12.) Producto de la Mente – Mal Maïz

I’m so glad that Maiz Vargas Sandoval has brought his music to Vermont so we can learn to dance in other languages. He and the band will do a Robot Dog session later this month and that will be a lot of fun. OK, this next album feature is full of Party Music. Let’s get reaffiliated with an old friend.

13.) If Only I Was Lonely – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
14.) One Mans Trash – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
15.) Fixin’ To Die – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
16.) Send Him The Bill – Phil Yates & The Affiliates

You can pre-order the new album on Bandcamp and get two songs now. Thanks for sending the whole album Phil!! This next band are playing tonight at The Monkey House.

17.) Above The Frequency – Invisible Homes
18.) Rental – Zeus Springsteen
19.) All My Life – Wide Wail
20.) Alienation – Black Rabbit

Great rocker from Rabbit. I thought I should toss a classic into this mix of new music. Thanks for still being great Wail. Great rocker from Zeus. I can’t wait for the new Homes album. This next band will be at the Lamp Shop on Saturday in a semi-acoustic kind of way.

21.) The Space Between – The Nancy Druids
22.) Black, Blue & White – The New Siberians
23.) Feel The Bern – Violint Wednesday
24.) We Shall Overcome – Bernie Sanders and 30 Vt Musicians.

That was recorded many years ago and Bernie is still out fighting the good fight. On Tuesday we hold elections and his stepdaughter Carina Driscoll is running for mayor. Wednesday is really Emma Sky and she wrote that about Burlington and how progressive values have enhanced the lives of people in our town. Great songs form Siberians and Druids. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:
Raingods Dancing->Wake Up Call (Make It Happen) – Fish
Trickle Down – The Tragically Hip
Resurrection – Death World Wide
Angels Of Death – Hawkwind
Hallelujah The Hills – Hallelujah The Hills
Parallels – Yes
Smalls Change – Derek Smalls
Orange Like Water – The Cush
Afraid Of Sunlight – Marillion
Before The Deluge – The Church Band
It’s Going Down – MIDLAKE BAND
King Arthur’s Death – Children in Paradise
Third Party Politics – Ouzkxqlzn
What’s In California? – Joshua Glass Music
regular programming




Radio Show 156 Thursday April 28, 2016 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM photo by Tim Lewis Dec 17 2015

WBKM photo by Tim Lewis Dec 17 2015

I’ve had to prerecord my shows recently to match up the Net signal with the FM signal. Tonight’s show will go as follows.

Song before: Let’s Go Crazy – Prince



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington.  I had to prerecord last weeks show so on Wednesday I saw the Church and then was gutted to hear that Prince had passed away on Thursday.  I had a ton of respect for him and was blown away the one time I saw him.  Both The Monkey House and Higher Ground have tribute nights to Prince coming up soon.  And, if Prince’s loss did not leave you cold enough, Vermont got a nice little snowstorm on Tuesday.  That’s such a Vermont thing to have happen.  It’s kind of wild to see flowers in bloom and covered in snow.  Local artist Jeremy Gilchrist took some cool pictures of the phenomena so let’s begin tonight with one of his songs.

1.) Clocks On The Wall – Jeremy Gilchrist
2.) Science Fiction – Hana Zara
3.) Kentucky – Cricket Blue
4.) Let’s Move – Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band

That’s such a great song from Kat and the band.  I can’t wait for the new album.  That’s a cool song from Cricket.  They are playing on Sunday at the Radio Bean, if you want to check them out.  That’s such a powerful song from Hana.  Great song from Jeremy.  OK, let’s play the next song from Callisto.

5.) Wishing Well – Alpenglow
6.) Stay – Slingshot Dakota
7.) Presence – Satori Bob
8.) Better Half – Abbie Morin

Abbie is recording a Live At The Fort show on Thursday night, tonight, at the Skinny Pancake.  Satori are a combination of John Baumann and Bob Gagnon.  John used to play that song at coffee shops all around Burlington.  Bob still plays all around Vermont.  I can’t wait until Slingshot come to town on May 10th.  Yea.  Great rocker from Alpenglow.  On Friday Binger release their new album at ArtsRiot.  Here is one of the new songs:

9.) If I Knew – Binger
10.) Sequoia I – Binger
11.) Sequoia II – Binger
12.) Sequoia III – Binger
13.) Strings – Bingr

That was another new Binger song.  The middle three were from their last EP.  OK, usually I play music by Vermont musicians but for this next set I will play some songs about Vermont.

14.) Moonlight In Vermont – Willie Nelson
15.) Feel The Bern – Violint Wednesday
16.) The Tradeoff In Vermont – Lindy Pear
17.) Hallelujah The Hills – Hallelujah The Hills

Great Vermont references in that song.  Lindy used to always be the second band on at the Radio Bean birthday party, though not for the last couple of years.  I love the Burlington imagery in the Bern song.  Such a classic from Willie.  So, the HTH song was from an older album, but they just released a new one called A Band Is Something To Figure Out.  On May 12 Swale will head to Boston to play a show with HTH, so here is a song from the new album.

18.) Hassle Magnet – Hallelujah The Hills
19.) Everyone Likes To – Swale
20.) Screwball – Screaming Broccoli
21.) Jan Michael Vincent – Chin Ho

Classics from Chin and Broccoli.  Burlington’s music scene became so great back in the ’90’s and has stayed that way.  Great rocker from Swale.  I love that new Hills song.  OK, there is time for a few more.  Let’s keep rocking.

22.) Little French Earthquakes – Phil Yates and the Affiliates
23.) Restaurant – The Mountain Says No
24.) New Age Woman – Pinhead

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town.  Let’s do it again next week, shall we?

25.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit


Songs After: Crucifix Corner – Fish

Emerald – Ace Frehley

Purple Rain – Prince


As always, I want to thank everyone who made tonight’s show possible. Thanks to Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter, Hana Zara, Cricket Blue, Taylor Smith, Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band, Kat Wright, Bob Wagner, Alpenglow, Slingshot Dakota, Tom Patterson, Carly Comando, Satori Bob, John Baumann, Robert Gagnon, Abbie Morin, Binger, Shakir Stephen, Dalton Muzzy, Braden Winslow, Hallelujah The Hills, SWALE, Eric Olsen, Jeremy Frederick, Tyler Bolles, Amanda Gustafson, Chin Ho, Andrew X Smith, Phil Yates & The Affiliates, Phil Yates, Jacob Blodgett, Raph Worrick, The Mountain Says No, Ben Maddox, Jedd Kettler, Justus Gaston, Andrew Frappier, Dug Nap, Black Rabbit, Jane Boxall Percussion, Marc Scarano, Darlene Scarano, Fish, Ace Frehley, WBKM, 107.1FM, Tony Gallucci, and everyone else!!!!


Radio Show 104 Thursday April 2, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only Wbkm Dot Org. It felt like I had a good mix of songs.

Song before: Ricky The Rider – The Mountain Says No



From our small city to the great big world, these are The Sounds of Burlington. I saw a ton of music in the last couple of weeks, including last Thursday when I went to The Monkey House to see Elephants of Scotland play a killer show. I’ll get to that soon, but first it’s been such a lovely day in Burlington. It was sunny and in the high 40’s and people were out and about and the trees are budding and there are the beginnings of flowers at my house. Winter might not be quite done with us, but the signs of spring cannot be denied. This is Garden Flower by Maryse Smith on WBKM, and this is Burlington’s Kind of Music.

1.) Garden Flower – Maryse Smith
2.) Ferry Ride – Steph Pappas
3.) Wally Rides The Ferry – Zoot Wilson
4.) Happy Birthday Harry – Hana Zara

That’s another great song from Hana’s new album The North. It was so cool to be at the CD release show at Radio Bean when the place was packed, and people were singing, and it felt like a mini theater and everyone loved and bought her music. I’ll be playing more from that album in the coming weeks. Classic songs from Zoot and Steph, both of whom are Burlington legends. I think Maryse is going to play live on my show in a couple of weeks, so we have that to look forward to. Yea!! Last Saturday I went to the Monkey House and saw Swale, Hallelujah The Hills, and Villanelles and it was great. Each band was tremendous and I’m going to play one from each in this next set. Here is the next song from The Next Instead.

5.) Beaten Down – Swale
6.) Hallelujah The Hills – Hallelujah The Hills
7.) Parking Lot – Villanelles

All three bands were just great. Last Thursday, instead of doing this show, I went to the Monkey House to see Elephants of Scotland and they played a killer long set, with two exciting new songs. Last Monday they played a shorter show, with the new songs, at Nectar’s for Metal Monday, so I had to go to that too. They played this next song at both shows.

8.) Mousetrap (live) Elephants Of Scotland
9.) Yena – Brave The Vertigo

Great song! I can’t wait for the new album!! Vertigo played after Elephants at Metal Monday and were kind of cool, though it was a little hard to get into them after the killer Elephants show. These next two artists used to play around town in the early ’90’s and have recently gotten together for a new project.

11.) Outta Site ’15 – Nother Mother Brothers
12.) T-Bone Stop Sign – Kelly Ravin
13.) Play That Part – Lowell Thompson and Crown Pilot
14.) Shiny Side Up – Nother Mother Brothers

That’s a fun new song from David Jarvis Mark Crowther. I love the idea of being brothers even if not related. That said, it’s good to always remember to tell your family and loved ones how much you care about them. Here’s a very new artist that I don’t know much about. I think it’s a person named Gary Peters from South Burlington.

15.) Collapse Song II (The Painter) – Ghost Weapons
16.) Sparks – The Color Exchange
17.) Burn It Down, Bernadette – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
18.) The Day I Met You – Dirtminers
19.) Windows Down – Lendway

It’s only in the ’40’s, but after the long winter, with all the sun today. there were lots of posts about driving around with the windows down. People are out and about and walking around tonight. Lendway are playing with Waylon Speed sometime soon and are at Radio Bean tonight. Cool song from Raph Worrick‘s old band. The new Phil Yates album should be out very soon. Love that song. Exchange played Nectar’s a couple of weeks ago and I still have that song in my head. Here’s a song from a new band I have not seen yet but hope to soon.

20.) Womb With A View – Heavy Plains
21.) Nowhere Feels Like Home – Fire The Cannons
22.) Say It – Anachronist
23.) The Clown – Invisible Homes
24.) Before The Evening’s Thru – THE VACANT LOTS

The lots used to play around town a lot but now play all over the world. Lucky world. I love the “we might just all be clowns” lyric from Homes. Clowns if we’re lucky. Making people laugh and have a good time is something to aspire to. Love the Anachronist song. The FTC song was featured on the Caring Is Knowing benefit album. Burlington is great about doing albums and shows to raise money for worthy causes. I got to see a lot of cool people at the Swale show at the Monkey House last week. It was great to chat with Tyler Bolles, Maryse, Britt Shorter, and it was really nice to talk with Sean Toohey and Ann Mindell to find they are playing together with a bass player. I’m psyched to hear how that sounds. Here is some of the music of their past and present.

25.) 1,000 Lies – Sean Toohey
26.) Imaginary – Envy
27.) Gold In California – The Red Telephone

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town, let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Shadowplay (live) – Fish


Swale, Hallelujah The Hills, and Villanelles at the Monkey House March 28, 2015   Leave a comment

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis

If you only had $3 in your wallet and you wanted to rock out to three great bands, you really should have been at The Monkey House tonight, unless you where there, ’cause it was kind of packed.

I got out of work at 9 and stepped carefully over the dark railroad bridge, then upped the speed along the tracks and headed into Winooski. I walked into the Monkey at 9:20 and there was no band on stage. Yea. I walked up to the bar and Isaiah had a drink poured and ready. I headed to the open space in front of the stage, and soon enough, Swale began to play. The sound was a bit off for the first 30 seconds or so, but the caring hands and ears of Alyssa Solomon had them sounding perfect moments after. They opened with a gorgeous Armadillo then let the music stray into the long opening strains of Waterlanding. The song swayed for a while then started to tighten up an built itself into a rocking monster, and you could just feel the excitement in the crowd Joyless started slow but was quite intense and Eric Olsen was ripping up the guitar by the end. This Is Not The Photograph had a really intense rhythm going on, and Beaten Down drew a strong audience reaction. Having Tyler Bolles on bass let them rock into overdrive as a power trio, with really intense drumming by Jeremy Frederick. Amanda Gustafson took the mic, and center stage, and belted out a killer cover of Rebel Girl. They kept a hard rock pace with Amanda killing it on Jack Sharp then mellowed things out with Good Medicine. By the end of that one Eric unleashed a towering guitar solo. They kept things rocking hard with Everyone Likes to, then closed the night with Maybe I’m Amazed. It’s such an appropriate song since I’m always amazed when I see and hear Swale. Always!

Swale at the Monkey House March 28 2015 picture by Kate Lasko

Swale at the Monkey House March 28 2015 picture by Kate Lasko

During the break I ran into Sean Toohey and Ann Mindell and we talked about Burlington’s great musical past and that they have a bass player and something going on. My mind is still wondering about the possibilities.

I easily got my $3 worth by seeing Swale but was psyched to catch the other two bands. Boston’s Hallelujah The Hills came on next and rocked the place hard. They are a five-piece with a singer/fat Les Paul guitar player, another rhythm guitar player, a super fun bass player, a wicked fast super precise drummer and a keyboard/trumpet player. The music was high energy indie rock. One song had a Clash bounciness and one had a hint of the Dropkick Murphys. All of the songs were good and it was challenge to really listen to them and try and find out where they were going. I usually think it’s foolish for bands to go on after Swale, but they held their own and put in a killer set.

During the next break I got to chat with Maryse Smith and later Britt Shorter for a bit. I love how musicians and people in the industry come out to support music in our town.

After a quick break the Villanelles hit the stage with a fury. With a singer guitar player, bass player, super fast heavy hitting drummer and a keyboard player, they played some oddly beautifully structured indie rock or punk songs. The energy was super high from first note to last. It was a challenge to try and keep up with where the songs were taking me. They played an intense set of short but dense fast rocking songs and I loved every note. Their set was not super long but every moment was great. I’ve got to pay more attention to them soon.

After they wrapped up I said a couple of good nights and took the long walk home. I’m so glad I put the effort in.