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Girls Rock Vermont Rock Lotto showcase with You’re Doing Great Sweaty and Paul at Light Club Lamp Shop and Claudia Verona at Radio Bean March 31, 2019   Leave a comment


You’re Doing Great Sweaty


I had a great time seeing music at Light Club Lamp Shop and Radio Bean last Sunday. I had a long rough work day, did a quick turnaround at home, then walked to the Lamp Shop. I got in and settled and You’re Doing Great Sweaty were on and rocking. Their fun punky pop sounded a little rough but since the band was created that morning, it was to be expected. Yes, it was Rock Lotto day. In the morning several musicians get broken up into bands and they have to write songs and perform them later that day. The crazy event is a fundraiser for Girls Rock Vermont and is always a good time. Sweaty played songs about being kind to me and monsters and I had a good time.

Up next was a band called Paul who featured Cassandra on bass, Cassafrass LOve on guitar and Linda Bassick on drums. They opened with a song with a bass line borrowed from a classic opera which had a slow sultry rock sound. They played a song about lies then mixed it up a little with a pop punk song called Hard Telling Not Knowing. It was very Vermont. You can’t really judge a band who are hours into their existence, but I really enjoyed what I heard. They could turn it into something cool, if they want.




I think Paul was the last Rock Lotto band and the timing was perfect. I took the long walk to Radio Bean and got settled as Claudia Verona took the stage. She and her band had a nice rock feel and opened with a song that wondered about ever being in love like this. What To Do was a cool song then they slowed it down for one about remembering the day. They played songs about Mother Nature and about reading them and weeping. A song about misunderstanding had a bit of a country feel then they rocked one about being my lover. They romanticized the next one then funked up the one after that. They had us dance the night away, not a cover, then closed with a rocker. The End Of The Show had a bit of a Joan Jett vibe and I was all smiles. I think that was their first show and I would happily go see them again anytime.



Claudia Verona


Girls Rock Vermont at Higher Ground and Silver Bridget at Light Club Lamp Shop July 21, 2018   Leave a comment


All the campers from Girls Rock Vermont pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music on Saturday at Higher Ground and Light Club Lamp Shop. I had an unusual Saturday off and realized that I could finally make it to one of the Girls Rock Vermont showcase shows. Campers show up on Monday and spend the week learning about playing instruments, writing songs and about the music industry. Some are older, some are quite young. Some have some history with an instrument, some pick it up for the first time. Either way, by Saturday, they are on stage in a band playing a song that they wrote.

I got in and settled and was joined by Lauren Costello. We chatted about sunflowers and gardening then it was time for the show. They started with the stage filled with all of the campers who sang a song about the camp. Linda Bassick was a charming emcee as she brought each of the four bands to the stage to play one song. They ranged from a band who’s bass player was marginally taller than her bass to teens who are almost ready to hit the DIY scene then head to the clubs. It was nice to be in a room where people encouraged the kids to learn and play. Keep rocking girls!


I had a relaxing day then a little after seven I took the lovely walk to the Lamp Shop. I got in and settled and chatted with Charlie Messing. He’s a fun person, a wealth of knowledge and when he is there I know we can figure out the whole Silver Bridget set list. With Johnnie Day Durand on musical saw and Matt Saraca on electric guitar, loops and effects they played instrumental versions of classic songs. They opened with Wild Horses then played a cool version of Space Oddity. We soaked in the Blue Moon then had a pleasant encounter with the Karma Police. Michelle was sweet then we were ushered into a Black Hole Sun. They played some Elvis with Love Me Tender, though Charlie said that’s really based on an older song. I think the next one began as Norwegian Wood and ended as She’s Leaving Home. Linger pulled my heartstrings as did God Only Knows. With Or Without you made the virtually silent room smile, then they took us Over The Rainbow. They closed the night with And I Love Her and I was in a happy place. I hung out and chatted for a bit, then took the lovely walk home.



Silver Bridget pic by Tim Lewis






Rock Lotto at Club Metronome January 31, 2015   Leave a comment

I had a good time seeing music Saturday January 31st at Club Metronome. Don’t get me wrong, it was not the greatest musical night. There were 5 bands, none of whom I’d heard of before. They each played three or four songs, so there was a lot of band changeover time. All of the music was rough and most was not fully formed. Some of the transitions didn’t quite flow and a few bands had trouble figuring out where their songs ended. The band members didn’t have that locked in feel they get when they’ve played together for a long time, but despite all that I’ve just written, that was completely OK.

The show was called Rock Lotto and is something that happens every year to benefit Girls Rock Vermont. In the morning 25, or so,musicians meet up, get broken up into bands, and have to write three songs and come up with one cover, and play them that evening, starting at 6pm. I know, it’s insane, right? In seven or eight hours you have to learn to play with people you’ve never played with, and write songs, and get them together well enough to be played on stage. Considering the work in front of them, I think all five bands did a great job. The songs come out in their starkest form, and have to get up and stand. Granted, a couple of bands had singer songwriters play one of their songs and the band filled in the background, but even getting that together in a couple of hours is impressive.

I got out of work at 5:30 and arrived at 6:15 and missed most of he first band. They were playing some cool heavy indie rock that sounded nice. The second band on had Justus from Wave of the Future and The Mountain Says No on drums, Kirk Flanagan on bass, I think his name is Harpster who played electric lead guitar, and a woman singer songwriter who’s name I did not catch. They played a couple of her songs and one from the other guitarist. He just played some sweet leads over everything. Kirk found some really fun bass rhythms, and Justus was constantly attacking the drums from all angles. No matter what was happening in the music, you could always just focus on him and have a good time. She set down her guitar and sang the last song, which was a cover I did not know. The reasonably large audience enjoyed it and cheered them on.

The next band had an older gentleman on vocals and mandolin, a keyboard player, a bass player, and electric guitarist, and Jeremy Gilchrist on acoustic guitar. The first song was a folk ballad sang by the mandolin player. The second was a 10 year old song of Jeremy’s that he sang. The third and final song was sung by the Keyboard player. I think he said it was called Whispers In The Sky. It was pretty cool, and in the late middle part the drummer just locked into a riff that drove the song to a powerful conclusion. The set was nice, and the electric guitar player had a great presence in all of the songs.

I had to catch my breath when the next band took the stage. Jedd Kettler and Ben Maddox had played in farm and currently are quite stunning in The Mountain Says No. Ben took the keys and Jedd took the bass. They were joined by a drummer, electric guitar player, and a singer. They played three songs, all written that day and all stunning. The singer had a good voice and nice articulation. The band had a funky heavy sound and the first song vaguely reminded me of D’yer Maker mixed with Wave Of The Future. It had a bit of a Farm and Mountain feel and was pretty majestic at times. It’s unbelievable that they could create all of that in one day, but there it was.

The final band had a guitar player, who I think I recognized from last year, an acoustic guitar player, a bass player, Andrew Frappier who plays bass with The Mountain Says No but was playing drums with this band, and a woman on keys that I think played at last years Rock Lotto too. They had a bluesy funky sound, and the guitar player had some nice blues leads throughout the four song set. My memory is fading, but they closed the set with a pretty tight cover of Kirsty Maccoll’s In These Shoes.

Their set wrapped up the show. It was around 8pm and I wandered home impressed with the sheer talent that exists in this town. If any one of those bands took a couple of weeks to get polished, I’m sure the songs would be tighter and more filled out. I suppose the only regret of the night was that since all four members of The Mountain Says No were playing, maybe a three song shot of Ricky->Statistic->Bomb would have capped the night with a glimpse of what you can achieve when you have the time. Oh well, maybe next time.


Radio Show 51 Thursday February 27, 2014 9-10pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only WBKM.ORG. I had great plans all set, then noticed that the flower to click on, to listen to the stream, was missing. It’s working now, but I’m not sure how many people were able to listen to the show. Thanks Britt Shorter for letting me know that it could be heard by some, and played at Healthy Living.

Song before: It’s Going Down – MIDLAKE BAND



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Today, I got asked one of the nicest questions ever. Eric Olsen asked if I would like a new Swale song to play on the show. I said yes!! This is a song called Joyless by a band called Swale on WBKM, and this is Burlington’s Kind Of Music.

1.) Joyless – Swale
2.) Jet Pilot High – The Red Telephone
3.) Carry The Oar – Pours

Pours are a newish duo who have an album coming out in May. it’s on Section Sign Records, who are making vinyl albums of local music. They will play a show in April at Signal Kitchen. I saw them once at the Lou Reed tribute night at the Monkey House, where they played a killer version of Venus In Furs. It will be fun to hear what the album sounds like. Before that was the mighty Red Telephone and what a great new song from Swale. They are playing March 7th, the same night ROUGH FRANCIS are playing an album release show at Arts Riot. Also that night both Black Rabbit and The Mountain Says No are playing at Manhattan Pizza and Pub. How do I be in 3 places at once? Oh well, here’s the next song on Maximum Soul Power.

4.) Righteous – Rough Francis
5.) Knight Ov Swords – The Contrarian
6.) Children Of The Grave – JCHA
7.) Home Invasion – Rough Francis

I felt so bad about cutting Hi off last week I wanted to play it again this week, only all the way through. JCHA played at Metal Monday at Nectar’s after Elephants of Scotland the other week. I was tired and did not stay, but they left out 4 song discs that said take one, so I did. Nice cover of Sabbath on that one. Burlington seems to have a thing for covering Sabbath, whether it’s The Dirty Blondes doing Paranoid, Swale doing War Pigs, Samara Lark Brown singing Electric Funeral with the Mildred Moody band, or any of the ones I’m forgetting. Swords is a killer song and Casey Hades Rae is in town, so I had to play one of his songs. I probably should have picked up that he was on a music panel Wednesday night with Dan Bolles and walked down to check it out. OK, let’s keep rocking

8.) Dirty Knees – Persian Claws
9.) I Need A Raise – Cave Bees
10.) Scorned Woman – The Dirty Blondes
11.) Trading Bullets – Fire The Cannons

I love the eponymous song from the Cannons. The Blondes always rock. It’s Mardi Gras in Burlington this weekend. One year I saw the bees on the Seven Days float playing I Need A Raise right in the heart of downtown. The Claws have been playing some impressive shows lately!! Next up, let’s slow it down a bit with one of the great women singer songwriters in town. Not only does she play a lot, but she is very active in supporting Girls Rock Vermont, which helps give girls the resources to go out and play rock music. That can only make our musical community better,and I praise Linda Bassick for all of her great work.

12.) One From Two – Linda Bassick
13.) Think I’ll Stay – Great Western
14.) Go Ahead – farm

Hmmm, Eonosburg’s finest, Farm. I love that song by GW. I may try and catch some of their set at 1/2 Lounge tomorrow, before heading to Signal Kitchen for the Rachel Ries album release party. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Market Square Heroes – Fish




Rock Lotto at Club Metronome February 1, 2014   Leave a comment

I had a fun time seeing music last Saturday. I got out of work early, and made it down to Phoenix Books, and heard a bunch of local authors read from their Science-Fiction novels. Everyone had 20-30 minutes and everyone was really good. Mike Luoma was the only one who read all the characters in voice, but all the authors had clearly expressed visions that were fun to follow.
I grabbed a bite to eat, then went to Club Metronome for Rock Lotto, to benefit Girls Rock Vermont. 18 musicians met in the morning, got put into 4 bands, and wrote some songs, and played at 6 that night. It was quite the feat, and come off pretty well. The first band had a woman singer named Gina who played keys, and guys on guitar, bass, and drums. They opened with a classic funk cover, then played a tight instrumental called Jake’s Jam. A pop song called Hey Baby was pretty good to follow, and they closed with a rocker called Girls Rock Vermont.
Band 2 was all guys, with guitar, keys, bass, drums, and Raph Worrick on guitar and vocals. They played three songs. The first was kind of fun, the second was a cover I’ve never heard, but was really good. The third was one of the two songs that I really liked that night. It was a cool rocker with a nice piano break in the middle.
Band 3 had Patrick on vocals, acoustic, and cape. The rest of the band had an electric guitar, bass, drum, and a guy who alternated flute and sax. They played some nice rocking stuff including an epic acoustic prog rockish song. The last song had some nice strong lead guitar breaks.
The final band had a guitar, bass, drums, and Luke Richer on laptop and vocals. Again, the band was all guys. Their stuff was a bit more dance pop, but was well played and fun. They closed with a heavy 863-5309.
All in all, it was an odd exercise in combining musicians, and forcing them to deliver new songs in a matter of hours. As usual, there were a few really good songs, and a lot of decent ones. It was a great way to show how much talent there is in this town, but with only one woman participating, it seems we have a ways to go.

Thompson Gunner at Radio Bean November 23, 2013   Leave a comment

I had a great time seeing Thompson Gunner last night at Radio Bean. I worked 2-10:30 and somewhere around 7 I looked out the window and the snow was flying like crazy. I quickly walked the icy sidewalks home, did a quick turnaround, swapping sneakers for the boots, and headed downtown.

I walked in around 11:15 and Thompson were just about to go on. Dave Anderson was not there, but the rest of the guys were set up and ready to play. The lit in with country tinged rock and roll and played a great set . They slowed things down a little for a couple of songs, but most of the set just rocked. Caleb Thomas sang deep gritty vocals and played rhythm guitar, Conor McQuade did a bit of guitar shredding and played some cool electric piano, Jeremy Woods rocked the bass, I forgot the name of the new solid rocking drummer, and Aiden Lenihan played more of a lead guitar pedal steel. They played great versions of The Rutland Song, California’s Burning, and Dead Summer. They played a new song that was a bit more country, but at a rock pace and volume. They tossed in the cover of 16 Tons and they wrapped the night with a killer Empress Of Ireland. You would think with all of the guitar, that Dave’s lead guitar playing wouldn’t be missed much if at all. If you did not know the parts he played, you likely had a great time. I missed his leads and harmony vocals dearly, but still had a great time anyway.

After they finished, I grabbed my coat, said a couple of quick goodbyes and took the icy walk home. The ice was nice and chunky, so I kept a good pace, while singing Dead Summer in my head.

Joe Adler at Nectar’s, Vedora and Doll Fight! at Radio Bean February 2, 2013   Leave a comment

Woo hoo, Vedora were set to rock Radio Bean. Having Doll Fight! with them made it even more fun. Oh wait, wasn’t that the same night as Joe Adler and the Rangers of Danger show that was supposed to be the CD release party? Why yes, it was. I looked at the schedule and with Joe going on at 9 and Vedora at 10:30, I thought I had a nice window.

I got out of work at 6, got home and had dinner. I got ready to go out and arrived at Nectar’s just before 9. There was a guy onstage playing, who’s name I missed. He was singing and playing acoustic, but it sounded like a huge sweeping song that would have been cool with a full band. He finished up within a minute or two, and it was time to wait for Joe and the band. I wasn’t worried after 10 or 15 minutes, but as time kept passing without a band, I started eying the clock. I chatted with one of the drummers who played at Metronome at the Girls Rock Vermont benefit, and he and his girlfriend said that Joe’s drummer was held up at at another gig and was running late. I chatted for a bit with Johnnie Day, who was playing with Joe that night. She was going to play an early song with the band, so I was hoping to catch it. I knew I’d miss her later ones.

Finally, just before 10, the drummer arrived and Joe Adler and the Rangers of Danger hit the stage. They opened with the song that Joe sent around to the people who funded the Kickstarter for his album. It was a pretty cool song and they played it well. Eric, who had played mandolin with Joe at the Springsteen cover night, played some sweet lead guitar, and the band sounded great. Yes, the drummer was worth waiting for.

The next two songs were fantastic mixes of subtlety and rock and roll. Next up they brought Samara Lark to the stage for a solid Sympathy for the Devil. The next song sounded cool, but it was late, and I had to go.

I rushed up the street, and walked into Radio Bean as Vedora were set up and almost ready to play.

I got a drink, found a spot to stand, and away they went. Their set was brilliant as always. They played a few from the first album, including a vibrant Terrarium, but much of the set was new songs. In the Room and To Send You are just fantastic pieces of music and I can’t wait for the second album. Until then I am content to hear them unleash the rock and roll on the stage. They wrapped the night with a killer In the Pines/Chain.

Doll Fight! came on next and rocked the place to it’s core. Their punk songs were fast and furious and tons of fun. The audience was enthusiastic to start but half way through the set, the moshing began. I got shoved around a bit, but had a great time. This was set to be the last show with their drummer, which was too bad, as Vedora’s drummer, Jeff LaBossiere had glowing things to say about her. As it turns out, she is playing again this Sunday, when Doll Fight! and Vedora play with Hilly Eye at The Monkey House.

When Doll Fight! wrapped it up, I bought a CD and took the short walk home. I wanted to stay for Trapper Keeper, but was tired, and I had a long day of work on Sunday. I wish I had caught a bit more music that night, but I did my best, and was heavily rewarded for what I was able to catch.