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The host of “Fox News Sunday” Chris Wallace rebutted the suggestion made by some conservatives that President Barack Obama was stoking racial tensions by wading so deeply into the the issue of the George Zimmerman verdict on Friday.

“I thought he was trying to help both sides of the divide understand, and I thought he was especially moving when he talked about the new generation, talked about his daughters and the idea that the new generation, the upcoming generation, is better than people of our ages were in the sense they’re more color blind, they don’t see whites see black or blacks see whites as much of a threat,” the veteran journalist said on Fox News.

“I thought he was trying to deal with it in a forthright fashion,” he added. “Whether it was his race speech during the 2008 campaign or other speeches, this is when the President can be most effective. The speech he gave after the senseless shooting of Gabby Giffords in Tucson about violence in our society–Boy, I sure don’t see how you can read this as in any way stoking racial tensions.”


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John Oliver “How does 2013 Florida have a law that seems cut and pasted from 1881 Tombstone?  Because, let’s be clear here, according to current Florida law, you can get a gun, follow an unarmed minor, call the police, have them explicitly tell you to stop following them, then choose to ignore that, keep following the minor, get into a confrontation with him, and, if at any point during that process, you get scared, you can shoot the minor to death, and the state of Florida will say, well, look, you did what you could.”


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Bill Maher “I secretly want Mitt Romney to win.  There, that’s the cliff hanger, have a great summer.  No, I secretly want him to win because, look, I’m a comedian.  Mitt Romney is an ultra-Caucasian Mormon zillionaire who uses his dog as a hood ornament.  For me not to secretly want him as President, is like Haliburton not secretly wanting a war.

Now, right now, the smart money for VP is on Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who you may recognize as the brother of the bride in every wedding you’ve ever been to.  But, Senator Rubio has intelligence, experience, and honesty issues, or what pundits call the full Palin.

Now, many Republicans, of course, want Naugahyde bean bag chair, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as Mitt’s second in command, and it’s hard to look at him and not think number two.

And, there’s Congressman Paul Ryan.  On the plus side, he has piercing blue bedroom eyes.  On the minus side, he’s a heartless smirking bastard, and the only people who can stand him are heartless smirking bastards, and Mitt, you already have that vote locked up.

Of course, there’s always Tim Pawlenty.  He almost makes Mitt Romney look interesting, in the way that a blank sheet of paper makes a piece of paper with a smudge on it look interesting.

So Mitt, if you are serious about winning you have to think outside the box.  What about, hear me out, Romney Zimmerman 2012?  It’s unorthodox, but who better than George Zimmerman to personify your campaign theme of: I think the back guy’s up to no good.”