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Jon Stewart “You may be wondering why, for Benghazi, Congress has held nine full hearings, including one closed hearing, why Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullen issued a full accountability report chastising the State Department for their systemic failures, and why Benghazi has generally emerged as a rallying cry for the President’s opponents, when during the Bush administration there were 54 attacks on diplomatic targets that killed 13 Americans, yet garnered only three hearings on embassy security, total, and zero outrage on Fox. So, why is this attack so different for Republicans?”

Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN) “This makes Watergate look like child’s play, Meghan.”

Stewart “Oh, that is serious. That’s not a term that people through around lightly. Oh, sorry, she was talking about Solyndra. Do we have anybody talking about Benghazi?”

Rep Louis Gomert (R-TX) “This is far worse than Watergate.”

Stewart “Far worse than Watergate. There you have it. Benghazi is far worse than Watergate. Sorry about that. He’s talking about the fast and furious. The movies? ‘Cause I didn’t care for Tokyo Drift…Oh right, the thing with the guns, and the tracing of them. Well, If fast and furious was far worse than Watergate, what’s Benghazi?”

Rep Steve King (R-IA) “If you add Watergate and Iran Contra together and multiply it times maybe 10 or so, you’re going to get into the zone of what Benghazi is.”

Stewart “Holy bleep. Watergate plus Iran Contra times…So, you’re saying, that the incident, where by order of the President of the United States, people broke into the Democratic headquarters to bug it, to gain strategic advantage in a Presidential election, and then covered that up by trying to use the power of the Presidency to squash the Justice Department and then added that to the Regan administrations secret deal to sell arms to Iran in exchange for hostages and money that could then be funneled to Central American right wing death squads, end parentheses, times 10. Well, I’m in, how could it not be?”

You can watch the full destruction of the Benghazi argument at these two links:—-if-

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Bill Maher “Well, Unemployment is at the lowest rate in four years, and the stock market hit 15,000 for the first time. Or, as Fox news put it, Effing Obama.”

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From the Feb. 21, 2013, edition of “Viewpoint.”

John Fugelsang:

I was watching Fox News yesterday, because I’m a thinker. And I happened to be watching Megyn Kelly when I heard some alarming news about the folks at Al Jazeera America — the people who just bought this channel.

[From Fox]: “There’s a real anti-American bias there and yet they’re about to infiltrate America. … They’re expanding to eight cities, one of them being Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich., is a large ex-pat community of Muslim Americans where sleeper cells have been detected.”

Ah, Megyn Kelly. How can someone so smart and so pretty have a show that’s so stupid and so ugly.

But if this little bit of TV gold illustrates something, it’s why Fox News is truly a mecca for people who hate Mecca.

So let’s get a few things straight. First, Ms. Daftari, right there, the correspondent, complained that Qatari petro-dollars are funding this here network. Well, I gotta say I love it when the people who brought us George W. Bush warn us of the evils of oil money. So I could tell you about all the petro-chemical dollars Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch makes from his many investments, but I don’t want to upset him because I don’t feel like getting my phone hacked.

So I’ll just mention a name you don’t hear too often on Fox, that of Saudi Arabian Prince Walid bin Talal. He is the second-largest shareholder in News Corp. — the number two guy at Fox News — and where do you think he got his money?

And it’s true, as contributor Lisa Daftari just pointed out, that there are many Muslims in the state of Michigan. They’re not sleeper cells. They’re hardworking people who came to America to escape oppression and seek a better life — even if that life includes being slapped in the face by ignorant race-baiting McCarthyite neo-cons like Ms. Daftari on Fox News.

So now, let us move, if you will, on to Al Jazeera America. The parent company is headquartered in Doha, Qatar, or Qatar, depending on how ignorant you are.

John Fugelsang: What do you call it, Dean?

Dean Obeidallah: Either way I’ve heard it.

John Fugelsang: It’s good to have a Muslim friend around.

Now, Fox News viewers may be shocked to learn this, but Qatar is in fact an important American ally. During the beginning of the so-called War on Terror they offered the U.S. and its allies use of their air base, and America currently has three bases there. President George Bush visited Qatar in 2003 — or, if you’re Megyn Kelly, infiltrated it.

And you know who else has infiltrated Qatar? Texas A&M University. They’ve got a campus there, just like Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown and Northwestern. Thus combining two things Fox News hates — Muslims and education.

Now, my experience with Al Jazeera America so far has been very limited. The ones I’ve met have been extremely nice people and I say same pretty edgy things on this show and no one from Al Jazeera America has ever tried to curtail my First Amendment rights. So while John Boehner and congressional Republicans try to obstruct any economic progress because they’re afraid it might make Barack Obama look good, Al Jazeera America is doing something the GOP seemingly can’t do — they’re creating lots and lots of jobs. For Americans.

They’re not here to push an anti-American bias, they’re here because they want to do news. And I’m not a journalist — although I play one on TV — but they do news very well. It was a Republican, Colin Powell, who told my former boss Mr. Gore that Al Jazeera was one of the news networks he watched and trusted.

Now. I don’t think the people who run Fox are bigots. They’re business people. Business people who pay on-camera people to smear Muslim people so bigoted viewing people can please the rating people.

Stupid talk for stupid racists by very smart executives. And if that’s the kind of programming Fox wants, I get it. I’m a capitalist. But I have a Muslim cousin, a Jewish sister-in-law, an atheist brother and an ex-nun mother. So I don’t get to hate on anybody.

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Sean Hannity 1-4-13 “Let’s not forget what Al Jazeera is known for.  Now, this is the network where Osama bin Laden went when he wanted to get his message out to the world…Something’s wrong with this picture.”

Bill O’Reilly “Al Gore sold his cable network to, wait for it, Al Jazeera, the anti-American network out of Qatar.”

Fox Reporter “He sells his news network to a clearly anti-American news channel called Al Jazeera.  What?  Are you kidding me?”

Stewart “Oh my God.  That means Muslims will be able to see into our homes.  You know that, right?  People on TV can see into your homes.  Put on your pants.  Now look.  Al Jazeera’s Arabic channel has broadcast some very hateful stuff.”

Sheikh Usef al-Qaradani “Oh Allah, take the oppressive Jewish, Zionist, band of people….”

Stewart “Worst Hanukkah special ever.  That is hateful, although the network that would air in Current’s place isn’t the Al Jazeera that runs in the Arab world , it’s Al Jazeera English, which is actually a pretty well respected news outlet.  Still, Al Jazeera Arabic is a subsidiary of the group Gore sold to, so let’s take a look at some of their other programs.”

Saudi Cleric Salman Al-Odeh 8-13-12 “The roll of the Jews is to wreak destruction, to wage war…The Jews believe that they have the right to kill anyone who does not adhere to their religion…They were making matzos with human blood.  The eat it believing that this brings them close to their false god, Yahweh.”

Stewart “You know, if that were true, you’d think matzo would be more flavorful, but it’s not.  Very dry, very plain.  You know, that’s just awful.  To air that on Al Jazeera, oh, I’m sorry.  That didn’t air on Al Jazeera.  I’m sorry, that aired on a network called Rotana.  That’s my fault.  That’s another television station in the Arab world.  That one’s owned, not by Qatar, but by a Saudi prince named Al-Waleed bin Talal, and also, twenty percent of that is owned by, oh, a guy named Rupert Murdoch.  Huh?  That last name, that’s familiar, but I can’t place what his other holdings are.  But, uhm, Rotana’s the same network that aired Valley of the Wolves, a movie in which American soldiers are the bad guys, massacring Iraqi civilians, and stealing Arab’s organs to sell them to Jews.  I don’t even know what to say.  I mean, Rupert Murdoch, profiting from the airing of that type of anti-American propaganda.”

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Bill Maher “NEW RULE Now that their end-of-the-world prophecy has proved to be complete baloney, the Mayans must be given a job predicting election results for Fox News.”

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