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Ivamae at Robot Dog Studio and Chris Brokaw & Anachronist at Amy E. Tarrant Gallery at the Flynn Center For Performing Arts, and Ben Clark at Radio Bean on July 13, 2018   Leave a comment


Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Friday at Robot Dog Studio and the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery, which is part of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.

We’ve always done the live from Robot Dog sessions in the evening but the timing worked out for an afternoon show. We gathered around 2pm and Ryan Cohen dialed in the sound. Ivamae played four songs that were so enchanting it was a struggle to hold on to enough concentration to be ready to ask her questions as each song found it’s conclusion. Phoebe Zorn helped Ryan with the video and I can’t wait to see and hear the results.

I grabbed a bite to eat then headed home. I did a quick turnaround then quickly walked downtown. The show at the gallery said 6pm and I sailed in about 6:05. The band was not on so I took a breath and ran into Phil Yates. We chatted as a DJ spun songs from The Gun Club, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Blue Button, Alex Chilton, and lots of others.


Anachronist pic by Tim Lewis


A little after 7, Anachronist took the stage. They opened with a couple of new songs that featured their jangly rock that takes fun twists and hits many sweet notes. One was about doing it all. The third song had a tag line of don’t come back again and featured some blistering Brian Clark guitar work. Chris Brokaw joined them for a song about true love that was gorgeous. At that point Anachronist left the stage and Chris sang a song about wanting still to decide. His songs were mellow and strong and slow and enchanting. The next one had that sweet flow to it, until the end when he unleashed some lovely guitar noise. He had nothing but time on the next one then followed with an instrumental cover that I should have been able to spot, but did not, and enjoyed it nonetheless. He played a song from an upcoming album that may be called Trademarks and I think the song was about the end of night. He played another cool instrumental then a song about a joke where no one laughs and the night having no eyes. He played another nice instrumental then one about blasting through black holes. He closed the set with a short and super fun song about Benny Forjones (?) that made everyone smile.

He left the stage and Anachronist returned. The first two songs kept my heart in a happy place as Phil Carr’s powerhouse drumming and Mike Donofrio‘s melodic bass locked the songs in. They sang about what it’s going to take to get it together again then dropped a heavenly version of Like Beads on us. The next song was new and almost political and was dedicated to the nurses who were on strike and holding a rally across the street in City Hall park. They closed with a pair of songs where the first one was short and exciting, much like singer Angela Paladino, that the other was longer. It was about a gambler from out of state, and let Brian loose for a killer guitar solo at the end. It had been ages since I had seen them and I loved every note.

I chatted with Sean Toohey for a bit then took the lovely walk home.


Anachronist with Chris Brokaw

I got a bit of a thirst on the way home and ducked into Radio Bean and a gentleman named Ben Clark was on stage. His voice was strong and melodic and his guitar playing was nice. He sang Wichita Lineman and Goodbye Yellow Brook Road as I settled in to listen. He played the last song of the old world, the title song for his album Hallucinate, and closed with something called No Idea. It was well worth the stop.

I then took the lovely walk home and collapsed on the couch in a happy place. I’m so lucky to have so much great music around me all the time.


Ben Clark pic by Tim Lewis



Swale and Gang Of Thieves at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts December 31, 2017   Leave a comment


Swale pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music New Year’s Eve at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. It’s always a hit or miss night for me since ,downtown is crowded and maybe there is a show I want to see and maybe not but this one was as wonderful as could possibly be imagined.

I got moving around 7 and took the lovely walk downtown. I was surprised at how few people there were on Church st. The temperature was 0,so not too bad but it seemed like most people had already left. I stopped in at the Flynn and got my button and ticket then headed over to have some glug with Peg Tassey and her family and friends. I hung out for a bit and let the tasty beverage warm my body and soul. After a bit James Lockridge and his wife Victoria showed up at the tail end of the party. We had a nice chat and as it got closer to 9 we headed out. They went home and I went on to the Flynn and got in and settled in a second row aisle seat.

At 9pm SWALE, with a 4-piece horn section, hit the stage. They opened with one of the musical sections from the new album, perhaps I’ll Start By Opening, then revved us up with All Down Tonight. The sound was nice and smooth and the large stage seemed perfect for their music. The horn section left then they lit up the room with Safe To Say. They followed with the irresistible pop sound and frightening lyric that makes Elevator so brilliant. The amped everything to maximum for Drug Laws and had me bouncing in my seat from start to finish. At the end of the song Amanda Gustafson looked at the crowd and said “stay in school.” That got a chuckle but her best line of the night was about how Swale never play new years eve shows and apparently it was because they were just waiting for the Flynn to ask. They followed with Felon which is another fantastic pop song then brought out one of the trumpet players. Waiting For You is so bright and cheery and the horn fit in perfectly. The rest of the horn section came out and filled in Beaten Down. They kept rocking on release your records, then left again. Swale rocked Everyone Likes to nice and hard. They followed with a fun and bouncy version of Loser then brought back the horns for a slow and searing Wooden Heart. Amanda mostly played her regular keyboard set but there was a grand piano on the stage. She played one of the earlier songs on it, but I did not note it so I’m not sure which one. Swale closed the show with Amanda on the piano for a version of If You Get Lost that was achingly beautiful. What a great show.



Amanda from Swale pic by Tim Lewis

There was about a 20 minute set break then Gang of Thieves hit the stage. They have a funky rock sound and opened with a little Hendrix to set the mood. They let it go into the anthemic Raise Your Head and we were off. They rocked hard on a mix of their own songs and some tasty covers. They played original songs about loving people and working together to make the new year wonderful. They played the Beatles I Want You into I Want You Back by the Jackson 5. They encouraged everyone to get up and dance on a song about being for the nation and we did, and never sat down for the rest of the night. They played a song about taking my hand and telling me it’s alright from the new EP Totem. They played a song about Rising and Shining then brought out Nate on trumpet for a song about working together. Something about the interplay between the guitar and violin made me think of The Allman Brothers while the rhythm section was all funk. They played the Joe Cocker version of The Letter, then played a song about the beautiful people of Burlington. They closed with a song about the cold seeping in but we made it, then called it a night. It was a super high energy show and complete fun from first note to last. You’ve got to love any band that gets a Flynn crowd on it’s feet and rocking for most of the show.

It was about 11:30 as I walked out. Downtown had filled a bit with several long lines at the bars. I was feeling pretty sated and took a leisurely stroll home. The fireworks were starting just before I made it inside so I stood in the lovely cold and watched and chatted with my friends Rich Haskell and Mary Wolcott as 2017 made way for the promise of a new year.



Gang Of Thieves pic by Tim Lewis


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Clever Girls at the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery at the Flynn Center For The Performing Arts August 11, 2017   Leave a comment


Clever Girls pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a couple of Fridays ago at the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery which is part of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. They have an Exhibitionist series on Friday’s at 5 where they bring in bands and have them play free shows. I’m usually working at the time but was on a different schedule that week and was happy to be able to go. The day started as my 8th consecutive work day and I woke with a sore throat and runny nose. I was able to get out early and thought it might be good to just rest but I knew the show was only an hour and threw caution to the wind.

I took the lovely walk downtown and arrived at 5 and chatted with the band and with Charlie Messing. After a bit Clever Girls began to play. They opened with the lovely and powerful Catch And Release. They shouted 1 2 3 4 and rocked our Loose Tooth. 45 has mixed references to that number in the lyrics and mixes from a slow burn into a towering rock song. We Tried and Crazy were wonderful and powerful. A new song called Get Out was really good as were the next two new songs that I’m just getting to know. They rocked hard on a new song that does not have a title yet then Diane Jean let her powerhouse voice soar on Hannah. They took the final song through many builds and eases before locking into a groove and ripping out the ending.

I said a quick hello to Luke Adam and James Lockridge then took the quick walk home and curled into a ball on the couch. I felt lousy for a few days but had many lovely songs in my heart.


Clever Girls pic by Tim Lewis

Banana Schlitz at the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery part of the Flynn Theater July 14, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music Friday evening at the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery. The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts is doing a series of shows there on Fridays and call it the Exhibitionist series. The shows are free and there is a cash bar, and they’ve got lots of cool bands lined up.

The whole week had been crazy. I worked my regular shift on Friday, Saturday, Sunday then switched to a 7:30 to 4 (or later) M-F shift to cover a coworkers vacation. I was able to go in a little late on Thursday so I could put my WBKM radio show together in the morning but circumstances changed and I had to do it on Wednesday. I went out and saw Music on Wednesday and Thursday and was able to finish all the work I needed to cover by 9:30 am on Friday. I slept for much of the afternoon and woke up in a haze. I put on the black and headed downtown for the 5pm show.

I walked in, got a beer, said hi to Charlie Messing and Eric Olsen and soon it was time for Banana Schlitz to play. I wasn’t sure the configuration of the band and it turned out to just be Jason Cooley singing and playing guitar over backing tracks. Each song had a video to accompany it. Some seemed to add meaning and some to add mystery. He began with a vocal exercize where he played a video and audio of the theme song for Game of Thrones and sang the words game of thrones to the tune. I was smiling ear to ear from the beginning. The next song was an instrumental while the video showed a series of classic rock albums with smile logos plastered over them. The next song was a little sticky sweet while live metal concert videos played on the screen. I think the next song was Jesus Chemist from the Sports & Milk album. All Bad News followed and had a video of some local Fox channel intercut with videos of James Bellizia playing guitar. I’m sure you can guess what video he used when he played the Breakfast Club theme. Nerve was a typical Cooley punk song. Again Over Again was a poignant song about getting older and losing friends. The next song was about a basketball hoop and had an appropriate video. Silver Dollars had a blue sky video with a jet stream running through it. …and Symphonies had a streetlight video and a catchy chorus. He closed with a video of him beating out the beat on his belly that faded into scenes of grocery stores and military marches. The incessant beat was great as he sang Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk.

I did not stay long then took the long dazed happy walk home.