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Sabrina Comellas and Ivamae at Deli 126 July 31, 2019   Leave a comment


Sabrina Comellas pic by Tim Lewis

How was your day? I had a bit of a duck of a day, or some word that begins with F and works with duck. It really began a few weeks ago when my car said service was due soon and my brother’s doctor said there was an odd spot on his back and my dad’s old car stopped starting.

On Tuesday, I ran the gauntlet to my brother’s to get the key for the safe deposit box, then went to the bank and got the title for the 2005 Saturn, then went to Good News Garage and filled out the paperwork to donate it, and made it to work on time. Dad loved GNG so it was quite fitting. I had scheduled the Civic maintenance for today then realized it was the same day as my brother’s appointment. I checked in and they said if I had it in between 7 and 8 they would have it ready in time. I really wanted it in and checked, since ken and I are heading to Montreal on Monday for Iron Maiden.


Dad’s old Saturn.  It’s off to a good home.

I arrived at 7:10, after a marginal amount of sleep, then hung out at Ken’s until 9:30 when they said it was ready. I took the lovely walk over and picked it up. His friend Steve showed up and we all drove to the dermatology unit at the hospital. They looked Ken over and thought it was of no concern and didn’t even do a biopsy. We left in a state of relief and found a cool spot to have a nice lunch.

I dropped them in Shelburne and headed to Burlington. I briefly thought of trying to make it to a cool show in Essex but was tired and done with driving for the day. I hung out for a bit and missed a cool ached for opportunity by leaving my phone in my room and hanging out in the living room. There’s a chance I’m a bit of a Luddite.

I caught a little of the debate and generally thought the #CNN questions were even worse than the night before. At the appropriate time, I took the lovely walk downtown and settled into Deli/126. Do you know that feeling when you often have a super-cool bartender and you realized she’s also a singer guitar player and haven’t heard her sing and you just get a good vibe, and can’t wait to hear her?

Sabrina Comellas opened the show with a mellow electric guitar and a voice that reverberated with power, whether she sang quietly, or really let it loose. She opened with a couple of covers about nights with you and being shakey then played a song about running home, from her album. It was a beautiful set.


Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis

Up next, Ivamae played a bunch of stunning new songs. It’s been way too long since I’ve heard her perform and I was hooked from the first note. She played songs about moon shadows and truth for two. She sang of being sober and sleeping in me. There was a song about ego masturbation or ships in the night or something, then she closed with a song about reaping the love that you sow. It’s always a wonderful night when she plays.

Sabrina returned to the stage and brought Greg on bass and Seamus on drums. They rocked out songs about learning how to take loving you, and being the weekend, and not closing your eyes. The band were cool and her voice kept the full room enthralled. They played a song about relapsing then Ivamae joined in on vocals for a song about remembering. Ivamae sang lead on a song about being sober in October then then they went into duo mode. Sabrina filled in backing vocals as Ivamae sang a couple of songs about the truth then the real magic happened. They sang a song about only saying goodbye with words and they both let their vocals loose. Their voices intertwined in a captivating way. You could sort of feel the whole night leading up to that point, and it did not disappoint.


The band with Sabrina Comellas and Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis

They closed the night with a song that began sugary sweet then delved into an onslaught of delightfully bad words, often rhyming with duck. Seriously, it’s one of those songs that will become a legend and everyone will beg to hear whenever they play.

I hung out for a bit, chatted with the band and Luke Adam then took the lovely walk home. Wait, what time is it? How long have I been awake? OK, radio show tomorrow, or later today, if we’re back up and running. Sigh, life.


Sabrina and Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis


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The Steph Pappas Experience at Robot Dog Studio and Andriana Chobot at Deli 126 May 31, 2019   Leave a comment


The Steph Pappas Experience


I had a great time seeing music yesterday. I went over to Robot Dog Studio in the early evening to record an interview and live performance with The Steph Pappas Experience. Loren, Matt, and Steph jammed out some bluesy tunes that found fun twists and turns and were fascinating to listen to and made me rock out. She and Loren played acoustic guitar and bass but there was a full rock sound. She played some killer slide for a bit and you’ve got to hear how the conversation meanders to believe it. The band even pulled out a fifth song jazz jam in honor of Jazzfest. I’ll have that on my radio show on WBKM next Thursday.



The Steph Pappas Experience

We started the recording a little after 6 and were done a little after 7. I drove home, zipped out the door and walked to Deli/126. I got in and settled as Andriana Chobot rocked out some songs with her drummer Jesse Samuel Rosenfield and guitarist Franky Andreas. They veered a little bit away from the more normal rock presentation of her songs and gave them all an appropriate jazzy feel. She opened on the mellow side with Not I and Another Day then brought the energy up with Cascade. She took us for a ride in her daddy’s white T-Bird then sang of My Old House. She asked us to stay and make her warm then sang about being Alone In The Night. The played another cool song then dropped a cover of Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone. She sang about there being nowhere to go but here and was going to wrap the set with a super cool Neon, but hung out for one more. The closing song about the work of Steven Hawking giving her Galaxy Eyes was super cool.

I was kind of tired at that point so I took the lovely walk home with tons of beautiful music in my soul.



Andriana Chobot


Wren Kitz, Colby Nathan and Big Blood at Amy E. Tarrant Gallery at the Flynn Center For Performing Arts and The Le Duo at Deli 126 August 10, 2018   Leave a comment


Wren Kitz pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music Friday night at the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery, which is part of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, and at Deli/126. I had a relaxing day off then took the lovely stroll downtown in the early evening. I got in and settled and chatted with Charlie Messing for a bit. Around quarter after 6, Wren Kitz and his band began to ooze sound out of their minds and into our ears. They began with a cool drone lead by Lauren Costello‘s effects laden cello. As they flowed further in Wren began to play gorgeous riffs on the 12 string guitar. They floated that way for a bit then the drummer stepped up the band into a rocking pace. It coalesced into a cool pop song for a while then eased off. They chatted with the audience for a moment then dove back in with a song that I think he said was called Sky Of Words. They rocked it for a bit then slid into a drone that got heavier and heavier and blasted a huge psychedelic wave at us. I reveled in it. Eventually it eased back into another cool pop song that ended the show. They were stunning.


Colby Nathan pic by Tim Lewis

Up next Colby Nathan began fast tapping a couple of bells and got a drone sound going and recorded it in a loop. He added some other fun sounds, including a slinky being extended and reset, then mixed in some bass and drums and began to sing sometimes you have to give more than you take. Between songs, he told stories and thoroughly engaged the audience evoking gut laughs now and then. He kept a fun mix of loops going for a song about not knowing what to believe then picked up an acoustic guitar for a campfire song about how sometimes you must walk behind. He brought up the members of Big Blood for a song about ghosts that featured some sweet harmony backing vocals. He closed the set with a song debut that featured many fun sounds and a costume change. It was about how sleeping in peace is the greatest luxury. His show was charming and pure fun.


Colby Nathan with Big Blood pic by Tim Lewis

Up next, the former duo of Big Blood were joined by their daughter, who’s name I missed. Colleen Kinsella played drums, guitar and harmonium while Caleb Mulkerin played stand up bass and effects. Both mom and daughter had great voices, but when they sang together it was pure joy. They began with a song that asked are we gonna keep pushing our children towards drugs and ended with the understanding that a dream that we dream together is reality. For the second song they moved from a folky Americana vibe to some hip hop with the daughter doing a nice rap. Throughout the show she exhibited poise and comfort on the stage. Her singing was lovely and she played drums and trombone as needed. Colleen’s voice was delightful and sometimes approached a scream. Caleb kept the whole thing glued together. They played a rocker about blood then one about social media and being insecure kids. They played a song about how you are sleeping and don’t know what to believe. They rocked out a song about darkness then Colby joined them for the next one on electric guitar. They closed with a cover that everyone knew except me, thought it didn’t matter, since I was just happy to hear them play.


Big Blood pic by Tim Lewis

I headed out pretty quickly and cut through the park and headed into Deli 126. I got into the music room and sat and listened as JB began to play drums. He started slow and it seemed like it might be a soundcheck, but he kept building it and used every trick to evoke every sound possible from the instrument. Slowly and steadily the rest of the le duo filled the stage and joined in. The quintet featured xylophone/effects, guitar, sax and Matthew Kloss sitting in on bass. They played a long trippy jazz jam for a while then began to rock. They worked that out for a while and eased back. The music was challenging and engulfing. I was transfixed as they moved to a bit of a psychedelic phase then slipped into a nice jam. They wrapped up the 30 minute piece and said they would take a break. At that point my head was full and I knew I had a long day coming, so I reluctantly headed out.

What a great night.


The Le Duo pic by Tim Lewis