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The Mountain Carol, David West, and David Vassalotti at The Monkey House June 27, 2018   Leave a comment


The Mountain Carol pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Wednesday night at The Monkey House I got out of work at 8, settled for a moment, and took the rainy walk to Winooski. I ordered a drink as The Mountain Carol began to play. I had listened to their new album Starkiller And The Banshees a lot, and expected to be able to figure out all of the songs, however as their sound enveloped the room I got lost in the flow. The opening song had allusions to lightning flashing and set a beautiful mood. They dropped it into Dino and rocked that lovely song. The next one might have been The Party’s Over, but whatever it was, it took us on a fun journey. At some point the light got turned just right and a shadow began to appear at the side of the stage. Shadow Puppets followed and was luscious. The next song had questions and answers and I think it was Under Neath. They closed the night by taking us to the Rio Grande for an Adventure Safari. It was a beautiful show.

Up next David West took the stage and began playing his guitar. He created loop after loop, then swapped the guitar for a microphone and sang over it. The sound had a bit of a honky tonk base with an electronica vibe. He played a few songs that way then towards the end, he set it all up and walked off stage towards the bathrooms while still singing. The effect of watching music coming from an empty stage was intriguing.


David West pic by Tim Lewis

The set break was short and David Vassalotti took the stage. He had a guitar, many effects and began with some heavy soundscaping. He sang a song about wishing well and a season in hell. He sang about it not being a lie ’cause it’s true. He asked who made the sun for everyone and sang about a new girl in town. He set down the guitar and used the effects to play the last song as he sang about falling out of context.

Shortly after the last note faded, I settled up and walked into the rain for the long walk home.



David Vassalotti pic by Tim Lewis