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A pastor affiliated with the American Family Association has accused religious broadcaster Pat Robertson of “blasphemy” for mocking creationism.

Robertson responded to last week’s debate between Bill Nye, “the Science Guy,” and Creation Museum founder Ken Ham by flatly denouncing the idea that the Earth was only 6,000 years old.

“Let’s be real,” Robertson said on his “700 Club” program. “Let’s not make a joke of ourselves.”

Rev. Mark H. Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, argued God established all scientific laws, so “good science will always point to Him.”

“That’s why we need not fear there will ever be a discovery of some scientific fact that contradicts the Bible properly interpreted,” Creech wrote in a column published Sunday by Renew America.

Creech wondered what the implications would be on the biblical story of Adam and Eve if evolution were true.

“Did Adam stoop and his knuckles drag the ground when he walked with God in the garden?” Creech pondered. “Did Eve grunt when God asked her what she had done when she ate from the forbidden tree? If the first couple were just early advanced forms of primate, how responsible for their actions could they possibly be? The whole concept is rift with foolish suppositions and ridiculous inquiry. Is this what it means to be made in the image of God? Surely not!”

The pastor also took exception with geological science based on the fossil record that suggests dinosaurs went extinct millions of years before humans existed.

“That’s a direction contradiction of the Bible’s teaching that pain, anguish; travail, death and the dysfunctions of nature are a direct result of divine judgment because of man’s sin,” Creech argued. “If there was a primeval prevalence of these things before the fall of man, then that would leave only God himself responsible for such menace and mayhem. The very notion a God of love and order would work arbitrarily and brutally as suggested in evolution’s old earth hypothesis – a way so contrary to his own nature – carries with it an implication [of] blasphemy.”

Creech said he appreciated that Robertson recognized God’s sovereignty over Earth’s creation, but he said the theory of evolution directly contradicted biblical teachings in at least seven specific ways.

“If Robertson believes that Ham’s literal interpretation of the biblical creation account is a ‘joke,’” the pastor wrote, “then I suggest Robertson’s remarks make him a ham.”