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Bill Maher “Hey, who’s ready for a little free speech in America?  Because, I tell you something, if there was a theme to the news in the time we were off, it would be no joking.  No joking.  There are people in the world who just don’t like you joking about them.  You know, North Korea, they don’t like it.  These bleeps in Paris who shot cartoonists this week, they don’t like it.  And as a jokester, I just have to say, the world needs to stand as one and, to quote the immortal Dick Cheney, say go bleep yourself.  And, let me tell you something, the incredibly courageous staff of this French magazine, Charlie Hebdot, they said that loud and clear this week ’cause they announced yesterday not only are they going to put out the next edition on time, but with a million extra copies.  Yea, I mean, my heroes.  compare that to Sony who pulled The Interview after one online threat.  Congratulations Sony, you put up less resistance than the French.  Wow, oh they’re scaredy pants, they also shut down production on the next Guardians Of The Galaxy movie because raccoons complained about their portrayal.”

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The satirical weekly newspaper that was the target of Wednesday’s attack will be published on its usual schedule next week, a lawyer for the paper told Agence France-Presse.
“The Charlie Hebdo newspaper will come out next Wednesday,” the lawyer, Richard Malka, said. 
Mr. Malka said that one million copies would be printed, far more than the normal press run of under 100,000 copies.
Patrick Pelloux, a columnist for the paper, said that the staff would meet soon.  “It’s very hard,” he told Agence France-Presse. “We are all suffering, with grief, with fear, but we will do it anyway, because stupidity will not win.”

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