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Vedora and Jen Crowell at the Black Box Theater at Main Street Landing December 12, 2012   Leave a comment

I was running a bit late but I made it out to see Jen Crowell and Vedora. I walked in on Jen’s set and found a seat a little ways up in the theater. She played a couple on the acoustic guitar and sounded pretty nice. Her voice was lovely to listen to. The host of the show came up and interviewed her for a bit about being a performer and also a road manager for Grace Potter. She played a couple morethen wrapped it up.

I said a quick hi to Caroline O’Connor in the break as Vedora set up to play. Big Heavy World was filming, and I think streaming the show. There was a space under one of the cameras where it looked like I could stand for Vedora. I moved in there, stayed back far enough so the photographers and mobile cameras could do their job, and was able to stand for the rock and roll. You can sit through this? Really?

Dressed in white, they opened with Matthew Hastings singing Promises. The sound was a teeny bit off, but they played it very well. It sounded better and better as it went along. By the second song, Terrarium, they sounded great. Maria was super solid, including the super fun ending. They played a new one, who’s name I’ve forgotten, that was pretty awesome, especially the magnificent work by Jeff LaBossiere on drums. Somewhere in there I felt a tap on my shoulder. Nathan Curtis had gotten out of work, gotten my message, found the place, and showed up.

Like Jen, they stopped in the middle for an interview. When they turned back, Caroline picked up the guitar and Matt took the bass. To send you, sent me. I’ve really loved that song, the couple of times I’ve heard it. Next up Ritual just smoked. They have so many cool new songs, they must be thinking about a new album soon, but it may be after the spring tour of the northeast that they mentioned in the interview. Also in the interview, the host, who’s name I’ve forgotten, compared Matt’s guitar playing to Lindsay Buckingham. Vedora closed the show with In the Pines dropped into the end section of Chain. It was great. I’m so lucky to be able to see such great music so easily.

I caught a ride home from Nathan, and stopped in for a beer. We turned on the 12-12-12 concert on AMC and watched a bit of Alicia Keys. Steve Buscemi spoke for a bit and said ass. There was a sound drop out a few seconds later, like the censor missed it. The who came on and played Who are you. The censor missed a bleep or two in that one. They Who played forever. Bell Boy, with video of Keith Moon, Love, Reign O’er Me, Pinball, lots of stuff. Kanye came on next and I headed for home after a song. When they came back Billy Joel opened with Miami 2017, played a little of a Merry Little Christmas, and closed with New York State of Mind. Michael Stipe came on with Chris Martin (on acoustic guitar and backing vocals) to sing Losing My Religion. Paul McCartney just played Helter Skelter

Are they really doing this? MacVana? Apparently for one song, it was Sir Paul McCartney and the Nirvana boys. Mike Luoma wrote “New song “Cut Me Some Slack” according to reports on Twitter…” Paul then played Live and Let Die and may have set a record for most pyro in one song.

In the end I think I traded seeing Roger Waters and Eric Clapton (not together) on video for Vedora playing live. I’m fine with that. Blissfully fine.  They are a video to find.  Vedora was rock in the moment.

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Bill Maher speaking about the concert to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy “And they also, on Fox News, questioned the timing of the benefit.  They said, what’s the rush?  I know, when will liberals get it?  Storm victims do not want food and blankets, they want answers about Benghazi.”



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Fox News “Why the timing?  Why is that today?  Half the state of New Jersey doesn’t have power and can’t even watch this concert.  Is this more political, is this let’s get this thing on TV before the election to make President Obama look Presidential?  Or is it more for to help out victims?

Other Fox News pundit “It does look like they’re trying to squeeze things in.  Keep in mind that you’ve got Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, both supported the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and in fact  Mr Springsteen, I believe,  has been traveling with the President of the United States.  Uh where are the conservative performers?  There aren’t any on the list that I saw.”

First Pundit “This looks like a rush job because the election is in two maybe three days after the concert.”

Second pundit again “Is it a hurricane benefit, or a concert for Obama?”

First Pundit “I don’t know.”


Comment from Tim – Last night during the show the Red Cross’ website could not handle all of the traffic generated by the show.  Donations are pouring in.  Of course, Springsteen and Bon Jovi are sons of New Jersey.  Personally, I think the true nature of the concert can be understood here: