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J Bengoy and Swale at Arts Riot on Big Heavy World’s Rocket Shop   Leave a comment


Swale pic by Luke Awtry Photography


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Wednesdays ago at ArtsRiot. My mom passed away late on the Monday before so that Tuesday was a long stressful day. Wednesday was pretty rough too, and I needed a break from dealing with the details of our estate. My brother Ken felt the same way, so when I asked if he wanted to go out and see a show, he jumped at the chance.

I picked him up in Shelburne and drove back to town. We arrived a little early and had dinner at the restaurant/club. James Lockridge wanted a picture of me for Big Heavy World so we popped next door for a bit. Ken was impressed with the BHW room. We headed back to the club and got in and settled. The show was being broadcast live on 105.9FM The Radiator so at 8pm J Bengoy began to play. They had a laid back funky indie rock sound with a nice romantic sweep. I spent the first couple of songs getting to know them and really liked their sound. The third song started mellow and had a rocking middle. The lyric was something about I just can’t keep my head up. The 4th was a mid tempo rocker about how all my troubles, they stayed home. I think it was So Good (I Could Die). After that one, Tom from the station came to the stage and interviewed the band. When they wrapped that up the band rocked out a song called Reprise (Marthasville). I think it was about swimming and being pulled out by a rip tide and surviving. They closed with a song about silence rushing in that had a lush rocking ending. I will definitely have to check them out again.



J Bengoy pic by Tim Lewis

There was a short setup break, then SWALE took the stage. They opened with spot on strong versions of Elevator and Felon. The super slow opening of Good Medicine made me smile. As the song built into a huge Eric Olsen guitar explosion, i was in heaven. After that, Tom came to the stage and interviewed the band. When that was done, they rocked out an Arthur Russell song called I Couldn’t Say it to Your Face. (Thanks for the info about that song Tyler Bolles) They closed the night with the gentle build of Every Last One Of Us. Just before the steady chant of We Can All Be That Way began, Amanda Gustafson said it was for Carol Lewis. I cried quiet tears of joy and loss as they brought the song through the heavy Jeremy Frederick drum work into the full on rock fury, then let is slowly fall back into the quiet ending.

We hung out and chatted with some cool people for a bit then I drove Ken back to Shelburne, then drove myself back home. Sometimes you just need to get away, and I’ve always been lucky enough to have bands who will help. I cannot thank all of you musicians enough for making my life so much better.

Can you guess which picture is from Luke Awtry Photography and which two I took?



Swale pic by Tim Lewis



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Villanelles, The Mountain Says No, and Dino Bravo at Nectar’s and Bethany Conner and Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival musicians on King St July 20, 2016   Leave a comment

The Mountain Says No at Nectar's July 20, 2016  pic by Tim Lewis

The Mountain Says No at Nectar’s July 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I had a great night of seeing music last Wednesday at Nectar’s. The evening began when I met up with my dear friend Polly Pratt. She was in town to see the Milk Carton Kids show that Higher Ground presented at the First Unitarian Church and I was going for a louder show, but we had about an hour to chat and catch up. As she headed to the church, I wandered down to King St to hang out with James Lockridge and the Big Heavy World crew. At 8pm they did the Rocket Shop radio show live in the back yard, so I got some bonus music. The first act was four members of the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival. With two violins, a viola and a cello, they played some 1920’s era eastern European music. The musicianship was fantastic and they played a variation on a waltz, a variation on a tango and a tarantella that was meant to replicate the feeling after being bitten by a spider. I was pretty blown away.



members of the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival on King st July 20 2019 pic by Tim Lewis

members of the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival on King st July 20 2019 pic by Tim Lewis



Up next, they had a 17 year old singer songwriter named Bethany Conner Music chat and play a few songs. She plays well, has a strong voice and lyrics that show a wisdom beyond her age. She played songs from her album I’ll Tell You such as Josie, Can You Love Me Too?, Sweet Dreams, and I missed the title of the last one. She said something about writing sad songs that reminded me of The Cush, which only made me appreciate her more. I was lucky enough to get a copy of some of her music and played Can You on my radio show last night. I think she may become a force to be reckoned with.



Bethany Conner on King st July 20 2019 pic by Tim Lewis

Bethany Conner on King st July 20 2019 pic by Tim Lewis



It was about 9pm so I headed over to Nectar’s. I hung out and chatted with a couple of people and just after 10 The Mountain Says No hit the stage hard. They played a nine song set and it was all from their forthcoming album. They met up with Ryan Cohen last week and recorded the skeleton of the album but will fill it out for release later this year. They opened with a heavy loud song and stayed nicely in that vein for most of the show. I’ve seen them a few times lately so I know some of the new songs a little bit. The second song was You Say You’re Alive and that has a nice riff and an easy to sing title. The third song made it seem like they came from ancient times to observe us and the fourth song was an epic about Ryan (possibly Brian), David and Sarah. The new classic Glazerbeam lit up the firth spot with a mystical swirl. Another heavy rocker followed then they eased back with the gorgeous and poppy Game Of Thrones. The eased back a little bit more for Blanket’s Fine then returned to full power for another new classic called I Know Right. I missed hearing some of the old songs, but if they are writing new ones like this, I’m OK with it.



The Mountain Says No at Nectar's July 20, 2016  pic by Tim Lewis  2

The Mountain Says No at Nectar’s July 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis 2



Polly wandered in, since her show was done, so we chatted for a couple of minutes until Villanelles hit the stage. As with the shows for the last two weeks, I loved their songs and their energy and had a great time. Most of the set was from Blue Heart Attack which is a tremendous album. Songs like Farside, Grey Goo and Shy Spiders were just great. They skipped the usual Dig A Pony cover and tossed in a Supergrass that I did not know but really liked. Heartbreak Baby rocked especially hard and I think they closed the 11 song set with Jenny. They are such a great rock band.




Villanelles  at Nectar's July 20, 2016  pic by Tim Lewis

Villanelles at Nectar’s July 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



After the set I chatted with Polly for a bit and with Luke Awtry who took some great photos of the bands. Polly had a long drive home so she headed out but I was set to stay until the last note of Dino Bravo VT. They began with an instrumental jam that featured some nice solo work from Chris Farnsworth and fell into Sugar Coated Candy Stix. Pop Music followed and I just love the easy to sing to lyrics. I missed the title of the next song, but I’m pretty sure Matthew Stephen Perry referred to it once as Wet Sheddy at a show quite some time ago. It’s the one about Don’t Jump In The Water and rocks hard. The nine song set continued with songs like Empires and Two Car Garage. They closed the night with one of the great songs in Burlington, A Song About The Ocean. Once the last note faded out, I headed out the door and took the long happy walk home. There is always so much great music happening in Burlington, even on a Wednesday night.



Dino Bravo  at Nectar's July 20, 2016  pic by Tim Lewis

Dino Bravo at Nectar’s July 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis




S.e. Ward, SadG’s, Tesla’s Revenge at Fletcher Free Library, The Mountain Says No, Wave Of The Future, Burning Monk at Nectar’s August 16, 2014   Leave a comment

I just got home from a great night of music. If I’d known the timing, I could have made the Waylon Speed & ROUGH FRANCIS boat, but working until 6, when the boat leaves at 7, was a bit iffy.

I got home around 6:20, made some food, got ready and left around 7. I went to the Fletcher Free Library, and right there, in front of the windows, was S. e. Ward playing electric guitar. The sound was a bit sparse but evoked a full band. The songs seemed to rock harder and harder as her set played out. The 20 or so people were sitting on the floor. I joined them, hard as it was. Many of her songs got me bouncing, and I need to check out her music soon!

After her show, SADGs played a hip hop set. One guy filled the sound with scratches, and the other fired out nicely articulated super-fast rhymes. I was way out of my comfort zone, but they were pretty solid.

I thought Better Things would be up next, but they said they would end the show with an acoustic set, and that NY’s Tesla”s Tesla’s Revenge would be on next. With two guitars, bass and drums they kicked out a killer set of punkish indie rock. The guitars played mostly rhythms, with a couple of hot licks here and there. The drums were powerhouse, but fluid enough to slip through all the songs changes. The bass player was pretty spectacular, and often grabbed the songs and threw them a new way. I loved everything about them, and seeing them play in a library was beautifully surreal

They wrapped up at 9:10 and The Mountain Says No were set to go on at 9:15 at Nectar’s. Thinking I had the time perfect, I walked over and stopped in front of Nectar’s and did not hear the band yet. I enjoyed chatting with Jake Styles out front for a bit, then headed in.

I got in and waited, and it was almost 10 when Mountain went on. During the wait I got to chat with Marc Scarano and Darlene Scarano for a bit, but after a while, one of those random loud jams from the stage was the band going on. They played a killer set of heavy jams and fluid open rock songs, and had me rocking from first note to last. A few songs into the set, Eric and Nathan Curtis from Gardener’s showed up. The band just got better and better including some massive guitar interplay between Jedd Kettler and Ben Maddox. I loved everything, especially Statistic and the one two closing punch of The Mountain Says No and I’m With The Bomb,

Nathan and Eric were pizza hungry, so we wandered down to Mr Mike’s for a slice. On the way back we met Theo and Erin, from Gardener’s, and talked them into coming back to the show. We hung out for a bit, then Wave of the Future sounded like they were going on. I headed as close as I could get and rocked from first note to last, minus one song. They played a couple of classics, like Super Sexy Science Party. They did a killer cover of Rock Lobster->Mesopotamia. They played the whole new EP song for song. The whole show was high energy dance music with a heavy driving rock edge. At times Luke Richer had his hands on the laptop table, but his feet were jumping. At times, Samara Lark Brown was spinning her head round and round and her hair making a centrifugal circle. The bass was driving, the drums were fast and steady. The full audience was dancing and having a great time. They rocked us hard, until we were spent, and called it a night. I always let loose when I seen them and tonight they were in perfect form.

We were getting ready to head out, but the next band, Burning Monk, a Rage Against The Machine cover band, took the stage quickly. I don’t know Rage’s music all that well, but Monk were super tight and played it really hard. Drummer Jeremy Gartner was blistering and Matthew Bryan Hagen‘s guitar kept the songs surging. After the second song, I took the easy ride home, since Nathan lives so close. It’s going to be a short/long work day tomorrow, but I have so much joy that flowed through my ears and into my heart, that I’ll find my way through.


Vedora and Jen Crowell at the Black Box Theater at Main Street Landing December 12, 2012   Leave a comment

I was running a bit late but I made it out to see Jen Crowell and Vedora. I walked in on Jen’s set and found a seat a little ways up in the theater. She played a couple on the acoustic guitar and sounded pretty nice. Her voice was lovely to listen to. The host of the show came up and interviewed her for a bit about being a performer and also a road manager for Grace Potter. She played a couple morethen wrapped it up.

I said a quick hi to Caroline O’Connor in the break as Vedora set up to play. Big Heavy World was filming, and I think streaming the show. There was a space under one of the cameras where it looked like I could stand for Vedora. I moved in there, stayed back far enough so the photographers and mobile cameras could do their job, and was able to stand for the rock and roll. You can sit through this? Really?

Dressed in white, they opened with Matthew Hastings singing Promises. The sound was a teeny bit off, but they played it very well. It sounded better and better as it went along. By the second song, Terrarium, they sounded great. Maria was super solid, including the super fun ending. They played a new one, who’s name I’ve forgotten, that was pretty awesome, especially the magnificent work by Jeff LaBossiere on drums. Somewhere in there I felt a tap on my shoulder. Nathan Curtis had gotten out of work, gotten my message, found the place, and showed up.

Like Jen, they stopped in the middle for an interview. When they turned back, Caroline picked up the guitar and Matt took the bass. To send you, sent me. I’ve really loved that song, the couple of times I’ve heard it. Next up Ritual just smoked. They have so many cool new songs, they must be thinking about a new album soon, but it may be after the spring tour of the northeast that they mentioned in the interview. Also in the interview, the host, who’s name I’ve forgotten, compared Matt’s guitar playing to Lindsay Buckingham. Vedora closed the show with In the Pines dropped into the end section of Chain. It was great. I’m so lucky to be able to see such great music so easily.

I caught a ride home from Nathan, and stopped in for a beer. We turned on the 12-12-12 concert on AMC and watched a bit of Alicia Keys. Steve Buscemi spoke for a bit and said ass. There was a sound drop out a few seconds later, like the censor missed it. The who came on and played Who are you. The censor missed a bleep or two in that one. They Who played forever. Bell Boy, with video of Keith Moon, Love, Reign O’er Me, Pinball, lots of stuff. Kanye came on next and I headed for home after a song. When they came back Billy Joel opened with Miami 2017, played a little of a Merry Little Christmas, and closed with New York State of Mind. Michael Stipe came on with Chris Martin (on acoustic guitar and backing vocals) to sing Losing My Religion. Paul McCartney just played Helter Skelter

Are they really doing this? MacVana? Apparently for one song, it was Sir Paul McCartney and the Nirvana boys. Mike Luoma wrote “New song “Cut Me Some Slack” according to reports on Twitter…” Paul then played Live and Let Die and may have set a record for most pyro in one song.

In the end I think I traded seeing Roger Waters and Eric Clapton (not together) on video for Vedora playing live. I’m fine with that. Blissfully fine.  They are a video to find.  Vedora was rock in the moment.