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Jon Stewart about being schooled by Fox News about welfare recipients “But, let’s take you at your word.  Perhaps you are merely a watchdog for the American people.  And, like most watchdogs, you do occasionally bark at burglars but mostly just the dishwasher and shadows.  For instance, what is the waste, fraud and abuse of the food stamp program?”

Reporter “More than 3 billion dollars has been lost to trafficking, fraud, and overpayments each year.”

Stewart “Well, you know what, that ain’t nothing.  That’s a lot.  And, I imagine you would agree with me that 3 billion dollars is a lot of money.”

Fox host (talking to a guest) “You and I know numbers.  You know numbers and I assume you know I know numbers.”

Stewart “Fine, so knowing numbers and hating waste and fraud, as you do, when Democrats were looking to raise a trillion dollars in revenue, in part by ending the very wasteful 4 billion dollars in taxpayer subsidies that go to already profitable oil companies, you said what?”

Fox host “the tax breaks, or credits or loopholes that we give to oil companies amount to about 4 billion dollars a year.  They’re a pittance compared to what they’re looking for.”

Stewart “Oooh, 4 billion is a pittance.  A pittance for the refrigerator set.  So, what I have learned today from my ‘teacher’ is that 3 billion dollars of taxpayer money is greater than 4 billion dollars in taxpayer money.  I think we’re done here.”–a-waste-odyssey