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The Welterweights and Anders Parker & Cloud Badge at ArtsRiot January 6, 2017   Leave a comment


The Welterweights photo by Luke Awtry photography


I had a great time seeing music a couple of weeks ago at ArtsRiot. I had seen Anders Parker Cloud Badge a couple of times before and have always been amazed. When I saw the show announced I put it right on the calendar.

I arrived just before doors opened and chatted with Luke Adam for a bit. It was not long until the opening band, The Welterweights, took the stage. With bass, drums, Lowell Thompson on guitar and vocals and Kelly Ravin on guitar and vocals, talent just oozed from the stage. Most of the songs had a bit of a country feel but many of them rocked nicely. The night was filled with some serious lead guitar interplay. They opened with something that might have been called Git Lost then followed with a familiar Lowell song Shoulda Known Better. They played a song about a little girl then one about someone to light my cigarettes for me. That one had a cool section about when the alcohol sets in. They played a song with the line I’ve been looking around then rocked nicely on Pretend. I think the next one was a cover that I did not know then they rocked hard on I want you to know. Up next was a song from Kelly’s Bonneville album that later prompted me to buy the album. They played a song about visions and conversations and rocked the night to a close with a Rockpile’s Teacher Teacher. They were pretty tremendous and it was only their second show.

The set break was not long then Anders Parker & Cloud Badge took the stage. With Anders on guitar and vocals, Creston Lea on Bass, Mark Spencer on pedal steel, and Steve Hadeka on drums, the band rocked hard through many twists and turns and were just staggeringly good. I did not know most of the songs but loved following along and seeing where they took me. They played a song about the way you feel inside and one about how it’s gotta be the wind drifting through the trees. That one was kind of drifty and dreamy. They played a song with a blues stomp then played the only song of the night that I knew. Don’t Let The Darkness In was featured on the second Live From The Fort album so I had heard it a few times. It’s a pretty cool song. They played a song that was beautiful and searing and followed it with a pretty country song. Anders told a story about driving to Newport and how the road takes many twists and turns. The song they played, The Road, started with a country feel then started to rock a little. It rocked a little more then even more and built into a giant epic rocker with an over the top guitar solo. It was magnificent. They played a slower song that was nice then an off kilter mid tempo rocker. Anders told a story about writing the next song for the George W Bush years and lamented that it was appropriate again. They closed the night with a heavy rocking Jackbooted Thugs (Have All The Best Drugs). It was pretty epic and a great way to close the night. It was a brilliant show and I hope they play again soon!!

All photos by Luke Awtry Photography Thanks Luke!!

luke-awtry-photograpy-anders-parker-and-cloud-badge-artsriot-01062017-012Anders Parker & Cloud Badge photo by Luke Awtry photography


Radio Show 155 Thursday April 21, 2016 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM photo by Tim Lewis Dec 17 2015

WBKM photo by Tim Lewis Dec 17 2015

Last night’s local music radio show on 107.1FM WBKM.ORG was prerecorded so there were no Prince mentions. I’m feeling gutted today about his passing, but am happy that I get to highlight some of the great music that happens in our town. Last night’s show went as follows:

Song before: When You Were Mine – The Church


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Last week I played a couple of sets to highlight the Wednesday holiday but totally forgot to play a song from these guys.

1.) Destiny Waits – The Kind Buds
2.) One Of A Kind – DuPont Brothers
3.) Save A Different Way – Francesca Blanchard
4.) Let’s Move – Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul band

Thanks to John Billingsley for getting me a copy of Live At The Fort volume 2, so I can play some live versions of great local songs. Those last three songs were from that album. The Buds song was a live version from one of their albums. OK, let’s play the next song on Callisto. This is a redone, and more rocking, version of one of their older songs:

5.) Solitude – Alpenglow
6.) Rocket – Soule Monde
7.) Don’t Let The Darkness In – Anders Parker Cloud Badge
8.) Give Me All Your Love – Madaila

Those last three were live from the fort. I’m so psyched to have a Cloud Badge to play. Last Friday I went to the 1/2 Lounge to check out the Matthew Bryan Hagen solo set. I was cool to chat with him and Jer Coons. His new songs are cool and dark and he even tossed in a Lendway song. Here are a couple of songs from Matt’s other bands.

9.) Sea Chopper – The High Breaks
10.) Better Done Now – Lendway
11.) Smooth The Grain – Waylon Speed
12.) You Are Not The Photograph – Swale

Those last two were live from the Fort. That’s a classic Lendway song and something about the feel of it reminds me of Matt’s new songs. Same goes for Sea Chopper. OK, here is a brand new super cool song from Binger.

13.) Strings – Binger
14.) The Storm Has Been Weathered – 1881
15.) Lewlyweds – Slingshot Dakota
16.) Hold Me Tight – The Decentz

That one was recorded a long time ago, but still makes me bop around the room. Great new song from Slingshot. Is it May 10th yet? Ryan Cohen just posted some new songs from a band he produced called 1881. I don’t know much about them but liked that song. Hmmm, Binger. OK, let’s go back to the fort one more time and play some rock and roll.

17.) Righteous – Rough Francis
18.) Las Vegas – Ninja Custodian
19.) Gas And Oil – Gas And Oil
20.) Kill Your Idols – Slush

That was a classic rocker from Burlington’s 1990’s. Gas were Beano’s, from the Wards, solo band. I love that song. Killer song from Ninja. Great live version of the Francis song. OK, this next band played Metal Monday last week.

21.) Pastoral – Vultures Of Cult

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Song after: Lucky (live Badgers) – Fish

As always, I want to thank everyone who made last night’s show possible. Thanks to: John Billingsley, The Church Band, Bud & Budd ~ The Kind Buds, Bud Johnson, Kitty Kindbud, Francesca Blanchard, Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band, Kat Wright, Bob Wagner, Alpenglow, Creston Lea, Steve Hadeka, Madaila, Jer Coons, The High Breaks, Matthew Bryan Hagen, Todd Gevry, Kevin Lynam, Lendway, Michael Clifford, Waylon Speed!, Kelly Ravin, SWALE, Eric Olsen, Amanda Gustafson, Tyler Bolles, Jeremy Frederick, Binger, Shakir Stephen, Dalton Muzzy, Braden Winslow, Ryan Cohen, Slingshot Dakota, Carly Comando, Tom Patterson, ROUGH FRANCIS, Bobby Hackney Jr., Urian Hackney, Julian Hackney, Paul Comegno, Ninja Custodian, Brendan Devitt, Doug McAllister, Ted Pappadopoulos, Vultures of Cult, Fish, and everyone else!!!

Waking Windows at the Monkey House, the Stoplight Gallery, and the Winooski Welcome Center, May 10, 2013   Leave a comment

It was a long work day, but at 6:30, I punched out, put on the black, and hiked the tracks to Winooski. I wanted to catch Vedora at 7, and was pleased to see Great Western were on when I walked into the Monkey House. I only caught a couple of songs, but they were just as good as I remember from last week. The songs had a nice feel to them, then completely took off. These guys are really good! After, I chatted with Ryan the singer and Ryan the drummer for a bit.
Vedora took the stage next with a killer version of Sober. I love the build, and Matt ripped it up on guitar. The let loose a wonderful version of Promises, then lit into the really new songs. It’s weird to have seen them so many times, and to still not know the songs, because they are so new. I really like all of them, and can’t wait to get to know them better. A few songs in, Matt broke a string. He kept the song going nicely, but at the end, Ryan (the guitar player for GW) lent Matt his guitar for a song. While playing, Ryan took Matt’s guitar outside and put on a new string. It was ready to go for the next song. I love it when musicians help musicians! They wrapped up the set with Terrarium, and then it was off to pick up my ticket at the Welcome center.
I was greeted warmly by Paddy Reagan, who helped organize the show. I got my WW button, which serves as a ticket, that I had purchased earlier, then wandered farther into the center to catch a few songs by Maryse Smith. After the serious rock and roll from Great Western and Vedora, it was tricky to find the groove of Maryse’s gentle acoustic songs. Her voice has a beautiful tone, and her guitar playing was gently insistent. I had to listen close, and was well rewarded for doing so.
After she wrapped up her set, it was back through the traffic circle, to the Monkey House. Anachronist were playing. The four-piece rocked hard, and kept a smile on my face. The music was straight up rock and they kept me dancing for the whole set. I should find out more about them. They were a lot of fun!

Anders and Kendall picture by Dan Bolles

Anders and Kendall picture by Dan Bolles

At the end of their set, or near the end, I think they were leaving the stage, I went back through the traffic circle to the Welcome center. I saw Steve Hadeka, who told me to enjoy Anders and Kendall. He was heading to the Monkey House to get ready to play. Again, going from the heavy rock of Anachronist, to the acoustic duo was a bit of a shock. There was a huge space between the stage and the audience, so I broke the Burlington semi-circle and stood reasonably close. They are starting a tour, and tonight was the first show. It was hard to get into them, so I just stood, rocked back and forth a bit, and listened. I found several grooves to flow into and was deeply impressed at how good they are. After they wrapped up, it was back to the Monkey House.
Lowell Thompson and band were on. They played some well crafted country rock. Kirk Flanagan was on bass, Steve Hadeka on drums, and Bob Wagner played the lead guitar. Lowell sang and played rhythm guitar, and the very full Monkey House was having a blast. At one point Kelly Ravin and Brett Hughes came to the stage to sing backing vocals.
After they wrapped up, I braved the traffic circle again, but this time went next door to the Welcome Center, to a place called the Stoplight Gallery. I caught a couple of songs by Brattleboro’s Great Valley. The guitar drum duo played some heavy psychedelic rock, and were quite fun. They reminded me a bit of the Vacant Lots, with a lighter tone. They finished way too quickly, so it was back through the circle to the Monkey House.
Monoprix were onstage and rocking. Brett Hughes sang and played guitar, Tyler Bolles played stand-up bass, and the ever present Steve Hadeka held down the drums. Their set was a bit less country than I expected, and had some solid rock to it. I enjoyed every note, and so did the very packed room.
Once again, I went back to the Stoplight Gallery, but only caught a third of a song by Happy Jawbone Family Band, also from Brattleboro. They played some nice edgy rock and roll, but I saw so little, it’s hard to describe. I need to check them out.
Once more, I braved the circle, and went back to the Monkey House. Anders Parker Cloud Badge were getting set to play. Anders, on electric guitar and vocals, was joined by Creston Lea on bass, and Steve Hadeka on drums. They got all set, then went to the back of the room. They returned to the stage with weird fun robes, and lit into the set. The rock and roll was heavy, loud and went in interesting directions. I had to focus to try and keep up. They were nothing but fun, and tossed in a super tight version of Happy Jack in the middle of the set. Knedall Meade added her lovely voice to one song. They wrapped up with something that really rocked and Steve was going crazy on the drums. It was glorious.
After that, I was done. I had settled up earlier, so I grabbed the unneeded coat and umbrella and took the long walk home. It was a magnificent night of music.