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Chris Rock “People are like, don’t joke abut the freedom tower, that has something to do with 9/11.  Hey hey, I’m not joking about 9/11.  I’m not.  But, you’ve got to realize that we are in America.  And, In America there are no sacred days ’cause we commercialize everything.  We’re only 5 years away from 9/11 sales.  That’s right, you’re going to hear it on the radio.  Come on down to Red Lobster.  These shrimp are nine dollars and eleven cents.  That’s right, it doesn’t matter what the holiday is.  Martin Luther King day, it’s going to be the same thing.  You’re going to be watching TV and like these Toyotas are practically free at last, free at last.  This MLK birthday Madea’s got a dream.  It’s America, we commercialize everything.  Look at what we did to Christmas.  Christmas.  Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.  It’s Jesus’ birthday.  Now, I don’t know Jesus but from what I’ve read, Jesus is the least materialistic person to ever roam the earth.  No bling on Jesus.  Jesus kept a low profile and we turned his birthday into the most materialistic day of the year.  Matter of fact, we have the Jesus birthday season.  It’s a whole season of materialism.  Then, at the end of the Jesus birthday season we have the nerve to have an economist come on TV and tell you how horrible the Jesus birthday season was this year.  Oh, we had a horrible Jesus’ birthday this year.  Hopefully, business will pick up by his Crucifixion.”