The Mountain Carol and Rose Yellowthorn at Light Club Lamp Shop March 23, 2019   Leave a comment


The Mountain Carol


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturdays ago at Light Club Lamp Shop. It was a long work day but I had a little time to settle at home before taking the lovely walk to the club. I got in and settled then lost myself in the graceful flow of The Mountain Carol‘s music. They opened with more questions than answers and let it flow into something cool which flowed into Adventure Safari. They played their new song Last Night and one about justifying my love. They almost veered into pop territory with a song about cause and effect and played a new one about never saying die. Sway had a nice groove to get lost in as did the next one. They told us that The Party’s Over then played The Mountain Carol. They closed the elegant show with The Neverending and it left me in a happy place.

Up next Rose Yellowthorn took the stage. They had a sweet pop sound and opened with a song about talking about her. They played one about turning into myself and followed with a new one about the wrong way. As the show went along they played songs about missing me when the anger burns out and being a factory man. They played one about a vampire and one about a child in chief. They closed the 14 song set with one about laying here with me and I was in a happy place. They have lovely songs and I’m so glad I got to see them.

I hung out and chatted for a bit then took the lovely walk home. It was another great night of music in our town.



Rose Yellowthorn


Samara Lark and Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band at Radio Bean March 17, 2019   Leave a comment


Samara Lark


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Sundays ago at Radio Bean. I had a long day at work and did a quick turnaround and arrived at the Bean as Samara Lark Brown sat at a piano and began to play some classic Irish songs. She sang of an orange father and a green mother and followed it with a song about roving. She sang of keeping your hands off red headed Mary and followed with a song about a fickle girl in black velvet. Up next was a Cranberries song that I think was Ode To My Family and then came a song about the unicorns missing their ride on Noah’s ark. She played a lovely version of Beer Beer Beer and followed it with the theme song to Cheers. She wondered what a guy is to do when he meets a girl who’s hair is black and her eyes are blue. She got into the hard stuff with Whiskey In A Jar then played one I did not know that had an English Civil War vibe. She returned to the Cranberries for Zombie and left us with an Irish blessing and some smiling eyes. The show was graceful, elegant and fun.

Up next Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band took the stage and shifted the needle from elegant to unruly. They opened with a rousing Fuck You I’m Drunk and a fun version of Beer Beer Beer. The crowd had songbooks and we loudly sang along. Wild Rover was fun then they tossed in a little bit of For Those About To Rock. We sang the story of Molly Malone in Cockles And Mussels then they tossed in a little bit of More Than Words. I think the next one was The Fields of Athenry but band and audience were starting to feel the drinks at this point. They sang about drinking 100 beers, which is easier than walking 100 miles, then encouraged us to drink because In Heaven There Is No Beer. They played Dirty Old Town and then we all sang aye aye aye. Danny Boy started slow and poignant then they upped the speed at the end and rocked it out. They played all the traditional songs like Jackie Wilson Said and One then followed with one about being as drunk as drunk could be. They played a couple more and called it a night. It’s hard to describe how much fun Efids shows are.

I hung out for a bit then happily staggered home. What a great day.



Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band

Radio Show 298 Thursday March 21, 2019 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM poster



Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Eastern time Thursday March 21. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: Take The Skinheads Bowling – Camper Van Beethoven


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin tonight with a guy who just wants to get to the other side of the lake.

1.) Wally Rides The Ferry – Zoot Wilson
2.) Every Time I Hear That Mellow Saxophone – Big Joe Burrell
3.) That’s That Is Is – Ninja Custodian
4.) Reagan – The Wards

As a kid I dove right into the punk scene that was blossoming. I saw the Wards many times. I used to work with Doug McAllister and one day he said I should come check out his band. Ninja were one of the best I’ve ever seen. I love walking by the statue of Joe on the top block of Church st. He’s an absolute legend and worthy of the statue. Zoot was a blues guy who could rip it up on guitar, and wrote some fun songs. OK, back in the ’80’s a Nu Wave scene evolved out of the punk scene and this band straddled that line.

5.) Almost Human – Pinhead
6.) Green Apple Girl – Dave Jarvis Band
7.) Lizard – Construction Joe
8.) Spiral – Strung Out.

As the ’80’s gave way to the ’90’s Pinhead played some amazing shows. We rocked hard with quirky songs like Apple and had a funky rocking pop thing going with bands like Joe and Strung. At that time, an organization called Good Citizen began to promote the heck out of our town. They released a few compilation albums including one of Burlington bands covering other Burlington bands. Here’s a band covering a band called Ken Sleeps Naked.

9.) It Is – Be That Way
10.) 2000 – The Pants
11.) Pseudo – Peg Tassey MUSIC
12.) Tastes Like Nothing – Zola Turn
13.) Imaginary – Envy

As the ’90’s went on Envy came out with this huge melodic rock sound that sent repercussions through our town that you can still hear playing out in bands today. Zola played a ton of great shows and wrote many great songs. The pants inspired countless musicians, and while most of their songs had a quirky edge, they really soar on 2000. Charlie Messing recently said he was in Be That Way and they wanted to overdub a guitar solo but didn’t have time or money and used the sound of paper ripping for the solo. Charlie can shred. OK, here’s another epic song from the ’90’s

14.) All My Life – Wide Wail
15.) Happy Again – The New Siberians
16.) Trading Bullets – Fire The Cannons
17.) The Day I Met You – Dirtminers
18.) The Drone – The Cush

As the ’90’s gave way to the ’00’s bands like Wide Wail went away and I had to find new bands to rock out to. Cannons filled that void for a couple of years until the Siberians entered the scene. I remember seeing Dritminers at Higher Ground a couple of times and having fun. The ’00’s were fulled with the lovely sounds of The Cush. We are so lucky they chose Burlington as the place to try something new. Somewhere in the ’00’s I fist found love for this band.

19.) Too Drunk – Dirty Blondes
20.) Terrarium – Vedora
21.) Edible – SWALE
22.) Already In It – Blue Button

In the early ’10’s Blue Button became a punk supergroup and rocked us hard. Swale began playing killer shows and taught us things we otherwise would not have known. Vedora rocked us hard for several years before they faded away. They are the first entry on my rock blog from 2012. Swale were the second and Button the third. This next band evolved out of a couple of local bands and are still playing great rock shows.

23.) A Song About The Ocean – Dino Bravo VT
24.) Falter – Julia Caesar
25.) Heavy – Clever Girls
26.) By Design – The Nancy Druids

Sean Toohey and Ann Mindell used to be in Envy and formed the Druids a couple of years ago. Clever are one of the most amazing bands in town now. Same for Julia. This next band have been playing for a few years and recently put out this great album. I want to dedicate this to everyone who is having a rough year.

27.) The Bad Year – Carraway
28.) We’re Gonna Fall – The Smittens
29.) Leave Me Low – Jason Halogen
30.) Happy Funeral Song – John Townsend

It was nice to run into John on Sunday. He’s back from Seattle with a cool album and another new song. I picked that one to set up the Fish and Tragically hip songs coming up. I’m sure I’ll be playing more soon. Jason used to be in a band called The Halogens and just released that new song. The Smittens began playing in the ’90’s but just put out a great new album so I saved them for the end. Well, I’ll be off next week for a WBKM event but will be back the week after and the week after.


Songs after
Blind To The Beautiful – Fish
Save The Planet – The Tragically Hip
Rainbow In The Dark – Liliac
Ever Reach – analog missionary
Moving – Kate Bush
I Shouted – Bee Bee Sea
Today Your Love Tomorrow The World – The Ramones
Without You I’m Nothing – Ace Frehley
The Revenge Of Vera Gemini – Blue Oyster Cult
I Shouted II – Bee Bee Sea
Icon Of Ego – Arc Iris
The Surprising – Deep Purple
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
regular awesome programming

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Radio Show 297 Thursday March 14, 2019 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM poster



Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Eastern time Thursday March 14. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song Before: Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I’ve been catching up a little on the large amount of music that has been released recently. Actually, this has been out for a while and I finally discovered it. Let’s begin with a woman with a strong voice and a nice sense of how to tell a story.

1.) Since You Asked – Kristina Stykos Music
2.) A Stranger Time – Chazzy Lake
3.) Child – Clare Byrne
4.) Life Of Defiance – Kelly Ravin Music

Kelly is a local treasure and just put out a sweet new album called Ditches. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more from him soon. Clare is working on a new album, so I thought I’d play one of her older songs. Chazzy will be at ArtsRiot tomorrow. Great song from Kristine. OK, here is the next song on the New Siberians album.

5.) Colorblind – The New Siberians
6.) Made Of Stars – Milton Busker and the Grim Work
7.) Albany Gives Me The Creeps – Austiin
8.) A Little Too Long – Adam Rabin
9.) Trouble – Julia Beerworth

Julia and a couple of friends will be at the Courtyard Marriott on Saturday. More on that later. Cool song from Adam from a couple of years ago. That’s Austin from The Mountain Carol from his solo album about the joys of Albany. Lovely songs from Milton and the Siberians. I’m sure you will recognize the beginning of this song, before it takes a turn into the imperialist nature of our country.

10.) United States – The Wards
11.) The Space Between – The Nancy Druids
12.) Signal Loss – Zeus Springsteen
13.) Panic – Miku Daza
14.) The Movie – Ninja Custodian

That’s a classic from the ’80’s, as was the Wards song that began the set. The rest are fairly new cool songs. I’m still reeling from the Druids show this weekend at Radio Bean and the Zeus show last week at Higher Ground. I’m aching to catch up with Miku again!!!! OK, this is a song about how humanity is far superior to mechanical devices.

15.) Only Human – The Brand New Luddites
16.) Boogie In “The Depths – Comrade Nixon
17.) Nothing New – The Backseat Bullets
18.) Let Me know – Why Nona
19.) Chained Arms – Batter

Someone was just looking for new music on the DIY Burlington Facebook page. I got the last three bands from that list. Batter are a Burlington band that I need to find out about. Why Nona have been playing around for a while. Bullets are from Saratoga but come to visit now and then. That’s new from Comrade, who are at SideBar tonight. Great song from the Luddites. OK, here’s something new and cool.

20.) Girl Of Confusion – Severinsen (with Colin Nicholas Clary)
21.) Untitled #3 – Adrienne Cooper Smith
22.) Pith Ant Point – I Love You!
23.) Hollywood – Humble Hero

Great rocker from our local heroes. Love will be at Radio Bean Saturday night at an anti-fascist bash with a bunch of other cool people and bands. Gotta love rock for a good cause. That’s a heavy rocking banjo song from Adrienne that we recorded at Robot Dog Studio last December. OK, let’s keep rocking.

24.) Automatic Sweetheart – Hammydown
25.) Creatures – Hayley Jane and the Primates
26.) Felon – SWALE
27.) My Heart – Francesca Blanchard

Francesca is at ArtsRiot tomorrow. Swale played a beautiful show there over the weekend. Haley and the band will be at a new Burlington venue called Orlando’s tomorrow. Hammy are so great. OK, these next two artists will be at the Marriott with Julia on Saturday.

28.) Man On The Side – Josh Glass
29.) Raise Your Hand – Aaron Flinn
30.) 45 – Clever Girls
31.) CO2 You Later – The Tsunamibots

Our robot overlords have taken over, but it’s OK, we’ve had a good run. Clever will be at Club Metronome on Saturday. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after
Little Man What Now – Fish
Something On – The Tragically Hip
Courage And Sorrow – Dam Kat
Science Fiction Double Feature – Joan Jett
I Love Rock And Roll – Liliac
It’s Just A Ride – Bill Hicks
Paranoid – Liliac
Hand Of Doom – Black Sabbath
Heavy – Cleaver Girls
Get Me Outta Here – Deep Purple
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
regular awesome programming

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Duck Duck Goose at the Courtyard Marriott and Clever Girls and Fever Dolls at Club Metronome March 16, 2019   Leave a comment


Duck Duck Goose

I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturdays ago at The Courtyard Marriott and Club Metronome. I worked during the day, did a quick turnaround at home, then took the long walk to Battery street. I wandered into the lovely lounge that feels like a living room and got a seat near the band. Soon enough, it was time for Duck Duck Goose to play.

The trio began a gentle version of Helpless with Julia Beerworth singing lead and playing acoustic guitar, Josh Glass playing keys and Aaron Flinn on electric guitar. They had a comforting sound. Up next, Aaron took the vocals and treated us to a rousing rendition of Miss Ready Blossom. Julia took the mic next to sing her song Tribeca then Josh treated us to What’s In California? I just love the strength of the melody of that song and really enjoyed the rocked out ending. Another fun song called Miles Above Me followed then Julia graced us with Angel Of Montgomery. Josh had some sweet piano licks on Scattered Birds and Aaron’s deep voice sounded great. Julia sang a gorgeous song that wondered if you will blossom then Josh sang a song about having nothing to do except love everything about you. They closed the first set with Julia singing lead on The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down. I got another drink and settled back in as they opened set two with One More Cup Of Coffee. I love that so many local artists cover that song and make it sound so different. Julia sang the song about the old Oak Tree then Josh sang about lovers on vacation in Adeline. Josh and Julia traded vocals on the one about nobody knows but me then Aaron dropped some endearing lyrics and killer guitar moves on Raise Your Hands. They closed the night with a fun version of Honky Tonk Woman and I was in a warm happy place.



Clever Girls

I said a couple of quick goodbyes then raced over to Metronome. Clever Girls were on stage and rocking hard. I got settled and moved close. They lit into Loom and let it soar and I was in rock heaven. Owen has slow verses and huge choruses and rocked us hard. They followed with that epic new swampy song that I think is called Woman. I love the immediate feel of the song and love how it builds and rips at the end. They followed with another cool song then took us to lovely heights with Hannah Wants To See You. They closed the set with Heavy and rocked the club to the breaking point. They were as amazing as always.



Clever Girls

I hung out for a bit and Fever Dolls began to play. They had a bright pop sound with hints of country and jam. They opened with a song called Turn Me Down that got a little cowpunk in the middle. They rocked out a song about it being a long way back to Oklahoma then played a song about having the power. As the set went along I caught a bit of a Meatloaf or Rocky Horror vibe to the music and I was in a happy place. After they wrapped it up they brought out the movie cameras and played one of their songs over the pa and shot a video with the singer in the audience. If you ever see it, and see a few long grey hairs flowing behind him, that’s probably me.

When that was done, I took the lovely walk home. It was another great night of music in town.



Fever Dolls


Francesca Blanchard and Chazzy Lake at ArtsRiot and Haley Jane at Orlando’s March 15, 2018   Leave a comment

I had a great time seeing music Friday night at ArtsRiot and Orlando’s. It was a 57 degree day and the world was melting. The walk down to Pine street was easy and joyous and I slipped in the door and wandered into the show room. The lights were dim and the stage was empty except for one amp, two lamps and a row of candles at the front. There was a square rug in front of the stage with two chairs and two guitars and a keyboard to the right. A string of white lights flowed from the stage, around the edge of the rug and up the second of the two mic stands. Blankets and pillows filled the floor. I reached for my camera to take a picture and realized I had left it, and my note pad, at home. Oh well. The rest of the room had a couple of rows of chairs and lots of different table setups. Surely, anyone could find a comfy place to be. Off in the corner there was soup for whomever wanted.

I was wondering about Chazzy Lake and had an oh, right, moment when Charlie Hill sat down and began to play an acoustic guitar. His voice sounded nice and his playing was fine. He sang a song about glasses, and a song that begins with his dog waking up from a dream. He played a love song to himself called Me that was fun, then dropped some poignant joy with So Good (I Could Die). After a bit, he brought Francesca up for a couple of songs and the way their voices blended melted me.

After that there was a quick set break then Francesca Blanchard took over. Her voice was pure and true and she played most of the songs on guitar. Her between song banter was witty and fun and added to the cozy atmosphere. I think she opened with Maria and she definitely played that song about stalking ex-girlfriends on the internet. The song about the world spinning slightly off-kilter seemed to generate a little extra spark with the audience. She moved to the keys for a gorgeous piece called piano song which also elicited a lot of love from the crowd. After a bit she brought Chazzy back and they played a couple of covers. I don’t know the second one, but it was great. The first was a version of Only Love Can Break Your Heart that was just stunning.

After the set I headed quickly back to town. A new old venue called Orlando’s had just opened up at 1 Lawson Lane. I thought it was going to be Hayley Jane and the Primates but it turned out to just be Haley Jane. That’s fine, since she is such a strong performer. There was a small table and one chair right in front of the stage. I took the invitation and sat and listened. She can unleash her powerful voice when she wants but she also sings with a lot of nuance and I reveled in it as she played rock songs on the acoustic guitar. Unfortunately, the place was packed with a Friday night crowd with little or no focus on the music. Some people were getting into it, but most were there to hang tout and chat. Haley seemed unfazed by the din and charged through her set. At some point I realized I was tired and my drink was empty, so I headed out. I was hoping for a full on rock show, but I was close enough to the stage that I could focus on the wonderful singing and playing, and am glad I stopped in.

The rest of the walk home was lovely. Sorry, no pictures this time. Next time, I promise.

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Radio Show 296 Thursday March 7, 2019 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM poster


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Eastern time Thursday March 1. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: Countdown – Rush


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington. Let’s begin tonight with a cool artist who has been playing in a cool band who just released a solo album.

1.) Better Off Alone – Meg Rice
2.) My Fear Of Losing You – Milton Busker
3.) Your Funeral – Zeus Springsteen
4.) 1965 – The New Siberians

That’s the next song on the Siberians great eponymous first album. Zeus played a killer show Monday at Higher Ground. Great song from Milton and it’s nice to see Meg step out. OK, this next band are from Rhode Island and they played Burlington once in the ’90’s and they have still stuck with me.

5.) We’re The Loops – The Mockingbirds
6.) Accidental Graveyard – The Dead Shakers
7.) Safe To Say – SWALE
8.) Mr Reed – Seth Yacovone Band

Seth and the band will be at the Old Post in South Burlington on Saturday. Swale will be at ArtsRiot on Saturday. The Shakers will be at Junktiques Collective on Saturday. If you like all three songs, you will have a tough choice to make. This next band will be at Radio Bean on Sunday, yea.

9.) The Space Between – The Nancy Druids
10.) Right Bright Lord – The Mountain Says No
11.) Waste Of Time – Preece
12.) If You Die – The Wards
13.) Jurassic Bark – Doom Service

That is on the Live From Robot Dog Studio Volume 2 that just came out. I really want to thank Ray Padgett from County Tracks for writing such a nice story about my struggle with my mother’s death last year, and the way that music helped me get through it. That was very nice. The Wards rocked us in the ’80’s and will continue rocking us later this evening. Great songs from Preece and Mountain. Both can be obtained for free on the Live From Robot Dog Studio Volume 2 album. I’m so psyched to see the Druids on Sunday. OK, It’s time to talk about a naughty word that apparently is fine to say in public by a fine moral leader like the President Of The United States. Wow, our decency standards as a nation are just gone now, as proven by the moral tolerance of the President’s speech by his “moral” base.

14.) Bullshit – Blue Button
15.) There’s A Problem – Mr. Doubtfire
16.) Fear The Government – The Wards
17.) Weapon Factory take 4 – The Wards
18.) Bernie Is A Punk – BERN UNIT
19.) Feel The Bern – Violint Wednesday

That song is such a lovely look at life when Bernie was Mayor of Burlington. He would make a decent President. Nice reworking of the Ramones song by the band from California. I though a double shot of Wards would be nice. I don’t think we need to fear the government but we do need to elect decent caring people, which we often do not do for odd reasons. Nice rockers from Doubtfire and Button. OK, here’s a brand new punk song.

20.) A Song About Riding Bikes Adrienne Cooper Smith
21.) Awake To Steak – Black Hairy Tongue
22.) Six O’ Clock – The Wards
23.) Decide – Dave Jarvis Band
24.) Prime – Black Rabbit

Great rocker from Rabbit. That’s not even on one of their albums yet. Classic ’90’s rocker from Dave. Nice punk from the ’80’s with the Wards. BHT straddled that line between the ’80’s and ’90’s. Adrienne is out rocking us today. This next band is doing the same.

25.) This Town – Suburban Samurai
26.) An Obscene Amount Of Debt – Sink or Swim
27.) United States – The Wards
28.) We Need Bigger Knives – As We Were
29.) Bury Me Easy – Real Talk

Cool song from their new album. Were played around in the early 2010’s. American Imperialism was in full force in the ’80’s as the Wards so nicely point out. Sink and Suburban are out and about rocking us hard. This next band is doing the same.

30.) Warmonger – Smokestack Lightning
31.) Gettin’ High – Heavy Plains
32.) Bit O Honey – Happy Spangler
33.) Magic In This Mystery – Robin Gottfried Band

Robin and his band will be at On Tap Bar & Grill on Saturday. Fun song from Spangler. Great rockers from Heavy and Smokestack. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after
Waverly Steps – Fish
Poets – Tragic
Rainbow in The Dark – Liliac
Catch The Rainbow – Rainbow
The Trooper – Liliac
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son – Iron Maiden
Heavy – Clever Girls
Get Me Outta Here – Deep Purple
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker