Ouzkxqlzn, Community Garden, Grivo, and Father Figuer at The Monkey House September 11, 2019   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music Wednesday night at The Monkey House. The walk to Winooski went quickly. I got in and settled, then wandered to the front and stood in awe as Ouzkxqlznbegan to play. She began by playing some cello parts and putting them into the loop. She added a little guitar and even had a microphone on a bowl so when she tapped it, a cool sounding beat entered the mix. The sound of a radio playing Runaway Train by Tom Petty entered the mix and the swirling sound was intoxicating. Characters arrived and told their stories then faded back into the music. Late in the set a character said we gotta move toward love then the distressed tape sound of Runaway Train returned. Lauren Costello finished the set on cello and I swear she was playing to the distressed sound rather than the song. It was a mesmerizing set as always.







Up next Community Garden began with a big flowery sound and a nice rocking flow. The bass was especially insistent all night long, whether the song was slow or fast. Though they played as a guitar, bass, drums trio there were some keyboard sounds triggered in the mix somewhere. They played songs about the new normal and about not sweating it. A song about brushing it off was cool then they played a really fun rocker. They played an appropriate song called Planting then closed the set with a song about being high. It was a really nice set and I’m very glad I was there.



Community Garden

A band from Austin called Grivo followed and let loose a huge wall of rocking sound. They began a bit slow with a song that was kind of bright and shiny and dark and sleepy at the same time. The sound built and built and cascaded in waves from the stage. They sang a bit but the voice was more of an instrument in the mix and the lyrics floated behind the veil of the music. It was a huge heavy show and I’m so glad I was there.




The set break was reasonable then Father Figuer took the stage. Armed with a new bass player, the band let it’s music flow from quiet gentle parts to a ferocious rock sound, before easing back down again. Most of the set was that familiar sound but a few songs were a bit more concise and almost poppy. The show was super fun and it’s cool to watch them progress as a band. They mentioned that they were recording a new album, so I guess we will find out where they are going soon. I had a great time listening to them play as always.

I hung out for a little bit then took the long walk home. It was another great night of music in our town



Father Figuer

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