Matt Saraca and John Townsend at Farmhouse Tap and Grill July 8, 2019   Leave a comment


John Townsend and Matt Saraca

I had a lovely time seeing music at the The Farmhouse Tap & Grill on July 8th. I got out of work and headed right downtown. I got in and settled and noticed that Charlie Messing was right next to me. The show had started a while ago and both Matt Saraca and John Townsend were on stage and playing a song about what some of us have and haven’t got. They followed with one about a happy boy. At that point Matt left the stage and John played a few songs solo. He sang about a light in your eyes and asked don’t you feel, don’t you know. He closed his solo portion of the show with a song about a lot of good wood left to burn. He has a warm voice and nicely plays his acoustic guitar, and maybe Matt’s electric guitar at times. His songs are just lovely. The same can be said of Matt who took the stage solo next. He sang of being one day late and calling off the dogs. He sang a song about the 4th of July and one about pointing myself in the right direction. He closed his set with a lovely song about velvet nights. John returned to the stage and the duo played a cheery song about buying her the best funeral that money can buy. They kept up the sunny vibes with a song about life riddled with regret, and while the lyrics may have been poignant, the music really was relaxed and fun. They played a song about it being time to move on and closed the show with one about being in the back yard hoping summer will never end.

I hung out and chatted for a bit and realized they went on later than expected so I did not miss as much of the show as I thought. It was one of those nights where I almost blew it off, since it was a 6-8 show and I worked until 7, but I ended up buzzing straight downtown the moment work ended and was well rewarded. I’m so glad I put in the effort.

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