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Sabrina Comellas pic by Tim Lewis

How was your day? I had a bit of a duck of a day, or some word that begins with F and works with duck. It really began a few weeks ago when my car said service was due soon and my brother’s doctor said there was an odd spot on his back and my dad’s old car stopped starting.

On Tuesday, I ran the gauntlet to my brother’s to get the key for the safe deposit box, then went to the bank and got the title for the 2005 Saturn, then went to Good News Garage and filled out the paperwork to donate it, and made it to work on time. Dad loved GNG so it was quite fitting. I had scheduled the Civic maintenance for today then realized it was the same day as my brother’s appointment. I checked in and they said if I had it in between 7 and 8 they would have it ready in time. I really wanted it in and checked, since ken and I are heading to Montreal on Monday for Iron Maiden.


Dad’s old Saturn.  It’s off to a good home.

I arrived at 7:10, after a marginal amount of sleep, then hung out at Ken’s until 9:30 when they said it was ready. I took the lovely walk over and picked it up. His friend Steve showed up and we all drove to the dermatology unit at the hospital. They looked Ken over and thought it was of no concern and didn’t even do a biopsy. We left in a state of relief and found a cool spot to have a nice lunch.

I dropped them in Shelburne and headed to Burlington. I briefly thought of trying to make it to a cool show in Essex but was tired and done with driving for the day. I hung out for a bit and missed a cool ached for opportunity by leaving my phone in my room and hanging out in the living room. There’s a chance I’m a bit of a Luddite.

I caught a little of the debate and generally thought the #CNN questions were even worse than the night before. At the appropriate time, I took the lovely walk downtown and settled into Deli/126. Do you know that feeling when you often have a super-cool bartender and you realized she’s also a singer guitar player and haven’t heard her sing and you just get a good vibe, and can’t wait to hear her?

Sabrina Comellas opened the show with a mellow electric guitar and a voice that reverberated with power, whether she sang quietly, or really let it loose. She opened with a couple of covers about nights with you and being shakey then played a song about running home, from her album. It was a beautiful set.


Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis

Up next, Ivamae played a bunch of stunning new songs. It’s been way too long since I’ve heard her perform and I was hooked from the first note. She played songs about moon shadows and truth for two. She sang of being sober and sleeping in me. There was a song about ego masturbation or ships in the night or something, then she closed with a song about reaping the love that you sow. It’s always a wonderful night when she plays.

Sabrina returned to the stage and brought Greg on bass and Seamus on drums. They rocked out songs about learning how to take loving you, and being the weekend, and not closing your eyes. The band were cool and her voice kept the full room enthralled. They played a song about relapsing then Ivamae joined in on vocals for a song about remembering. Ivamae sang lead on a song about being sober in October then then they went into duo mode. Sabrina filled in backing vocals as Ivamae sang a couple of songs about the truth then the real magic happened. They sang a song about only saying goodbye with words and they both let their vocals loose. Their voices intertwined in a captivating way. You could sort of feel the whole night leading up to that point, and it did not disappoint.


The band with Sabrina Comellas and Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis

They closed the night with a song that began sugary sweet then delved into an onslaught of delightfully bad words, often rhyming with duck. Seriously, it’s one of those songs that will become a legend and everyone will beg to hear whenever they play.

I hung out for a bit, chatted with the band and Luke Adam then took the lovely walk home. Wait, what time is it? How long have I been awake? OK, radio show tomorrow, or later today, if we’re back up and running. Sigh, life.


Sabrina and Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis


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