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Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Eastern Time Thursday April 25. It will go as follows.

Song before: Silent All These Years – Tori Amos


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin tonight with a lovely musician who will come to town and visit us on Saturday night at the Light Club Lamp Shop.

1.) It’s A Delight – Serena Jost
2.) Don’t Bother – Clare Byrne
3.) Between The Leather And The Headlights – Ben Shaw
4.) Powder – The New Siberians

That’s such a lovely song from the Siberians debut album. Ben is from Rhode Island and is coming to Radio Bean tomorrow around 7. That’s another song from Clare’s new album Celestials that is out on Bandcamp now. The official release party is Saturday at the Rose St Gallery in Burlington. Great song from Serena. She is amazing. So are these next lovely people.

5.) One Of The Other – The Leatherbound Books
6.) The Gasoline Age – The Lonestar Chain
7.) Country Comes To Town – Bardela
8.) Fool That I Am – Eastern Mountain Time

Great song from Eastern. I haven’t caught up with Bardela in a while and would like to soon. Great song from Burette Douglas‘ solo album. The Books are such a lovely band. OK, let’s get rocking.

9.) Driftin – Danny & The Parts
10.) Chattermachines – Arc Iris
11.) Echo – JUPTRband
12.) Nosedive – Julia Caesar
13.) Gazerbeam – The Mountain Says No

I love the way that oozes in then builds and builds. Julia played a great version of that last Friday at ArtsRiot. Juptr are so cool. Arc played a cool version of that at the Lamp Shop last Saturday. Great song from the Parts. OK, let’s rock.

14.) The Cave – Smokestack Lightning
15.) Four – Sleep Smoker (Adrienne Cooper Smith)
16.) Collider – Doom Service
17.) Oh Dirty Blondes – Dirty Blondes

Great song by a great band. I worked later than expected last night and missed Doom at The Monkey House. Hopefully, they’ll play around again soon. Cool new very intense song by the smokers. Great song from Lightning. A lot of bands come to visit us in Burlington. Let’s play a set from bands from a certain nearby state.

18.) Null – Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms – KMGA
19.) Oh You! – You’re You! – Ruckzuck
20.) Louder – Slingshot Dakota
21.) Pennsylvania – The Red Telephone

Telephone were two Local guys who formed a band and mostly played in Massachusetts, but I had to play the song for obvious reasons. Dakota, Ruckzuck and Kali are all from PA and come to visit often. OK, here’s another great song.

22.) It’ll Be Okay – Let’s Whisper
23.) Wiser – And The Kids
24.) Veratrum – Piqued
25.) Makarov – James and the Giant Sleep
26.) Creatures – Hayley Jane and the Primates

Haley and the band are a force to be reckoned with. Cool song from James. I love that song from Piqued, who are from Mass. also. Kids played a great version of wiser at ArtsRiot last Friday. Great song from Whisper. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after
Arc Of The Curve – Fish
Vapour Trails – The Tragically Hip
Catch The Rainbow – Rainbow
Starship Troopers – Yes
Cellars 0 decker.
Chamber Of Hellos – Wire Train
The New Life – The Waterboys
Hounds Of Love – Kate Bush
My Old House – Andriana Chobot
Courage And Sorrow – Dam Kat
Exuviae – Kali Ma And The Garland Of Arms
Radiance – The Church
Jigsaw – Marillion
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
The Surprising – Deep Purple
Heavy – Clever Girls
regular awesome programming


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