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Smokestack Lightning live at Robot Dog Studio

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Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Easter time Thursday April 18. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows,

Songs before
Easter – Marillion
Paris Is For Love – David Rosane & The Zookeepers
I Wanna Be A Lifeguard – Blotto


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin with a wonderful woman who will be playing with a cool band this week.

1.) Now Or Then – Meg Rice
2.) Water Is Wide – Clare Byrne
3.) Kentucky – Cricket Blue
4.) Plastic Baby – SoundBrother

I saw them play a cool show a few weeks back. I think their album is coming soon. Great first song. I love how Kentucky starts so slow then rocks so hard. That’s another great song from Clare’s upcoming album Celestials. She will release it April 27 at the Rose St Gallery in Burlington. Meg plays guitar in Julia Caesar but just put out her own cool EP. OK, so last night the sunset was a blazing orange and it made me think of this song.

5.) We Are The Beautiful Sunsets – The Cush
6.) Spine – Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms – KMGA
7.) Makarov – James and the Giant Sleep
8.) Hollow – The New Siberians

Yet another great deep cut from the Siberians. It’s a good thing I’m playing that whole album for you. I played Makarov a couple of weeks ago and really liked it and wanted to play it again. What do you think? Kali Ma played a cool show at The Monkey House on Saturday. I liked it so much I went to see them again on Sunday at midingit at Radio Bean. They are amazing, and so are the Cush. OK, I’ve got a treat for you now. Let’s head over to Robot Dog Studio for an interview and live performance.

9.) Grim Ripper – Smokestack Lightning
10.) Lung Buster – Smokestack Lightning
11.) The Cave – Smokestack Lightning
12.) Humble Pie – Smokestack Lightning.

Thanks Raf Soto and the rest of the band for knocking it out of the park. Thanks Sam Mark for the lovely recording and thanks to Phoebe Zorn and Christian James for filming. Thanks also to Ryan Cohen for being such a great host for these events. OK, let’s keep rocking.

13.) Golden Goose – Cave Bees
14.) Carnage – Black Rabbit
15.) Space Odyssey – Aliendog
16.) Metalhead – Blotto

Sarge Blotto just passed away. They made such great music and had a lovely insight into life. Aliendog will be at Drink on Saturday. It’s been ages since I’ve played Carnage or Goose and thought it was about time. OK, let’s keep rocking.

17.) Don’t Look Back – ROUGH FRANCIS
18.) Monsters Are Due On Maple Street – Doom Service
19.) Liquor Store – Why Nona
20.) Untitled (4) – Adrienne Cooper Smith

I love the ripping banjo in that song. She will be at Gloom Garden on Monday. Doom and Nona will be at The Monkey House next Wednesday. Great song from Francis. OK, this next band is coming back to town tomorrow for a show at ArtsRiot.

21.) Secret Makeout Factory – And The Kids
22.) Chosen Names – Julia Caesar
23.) Slippin – Claudia Verona
24.) Icon Of Ego – Arc Iris

Arc will play Light Club Lamp Shop on Friday and Saturday. Cool new song from Claudia. Julia and the Kids will play a show at ArtsRiot on Friday. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:
Crucifix Corner – Fish
Fireworks – The Tragically Hip
Too Much Fun – Blotto
Dynamite Road – Alice Cooper
Goodbye Mr Bond – Blotto
Give It Up To The Night – Bad Smell
My Baby’s The Star Of A Driver’s Ed Movie – Blotto
Still I’m Sad – Rainbow
Even Less – Porcupine Tree
Jacob’s Ladder – Rush
In Trance – The Scorpions
Paint It Black – Silver Bridget
(We Are) The Nowtones – Blotto
Radiance – The Church
Jigsaw – Marillion
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
The Surprising – Deep Purple
Heavy – Clever Girls
regular awesome programming


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