Troy Millette at Foam Brewers February 17, 2019   Leave a comment


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Sundays ago at Foam Brewers. The show was set to go from 1-3 and I usually work weekends. February is a little slow in the gardening business, so I had the day off. I arrived just about showtime and got in the long line to get a beer.

Troy Millette Music opened with I’m On Fire and let it flow into a little bit of Dancing In The Dark. He followed with a cool new song about tidal waves and keeping myself from going under. Up next was the instantly recognizable sound of Mr Jones but he began singing the lyrics to So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll star to it, and made it sound great. This lasted for a moment and he played the Counting Crows song properly. His new song Magnolias was gorgeous and filled my soul. He began the next one with Atlantic City but it faded into something that faded into Fast Car. That slid into something about walking 1,000 miles for you before ending back in AC. Troy has a nice voice and is a nimble guitar player, but his in between song, or during song banter, really makes his shows shine. Ask yourself, would he really walk 1,000 miles for anyone, or just take an Uber and walk the last block? Either way, He followed with a sweet version of his song Run Away that left me smiling. Up next was a jam of ’90’s songs. I did not know most of them, and really like his shows so I can learn some of those classics that everyone else seems to know. I think there were parts where Slim Shady appeared and helped Adele cry, or something like that. Either way, the songs were really good. He told the story about being famous with long haul trucker due to his song Ghosts (Of What We Used To Be) and played a beautiful version of it. I think the next song was a Taylor Swift song, only because Troy mentioned it, then he followed with something that sounded familiar. He reworked it a bit but Omaha sounded really cool. I think the next song was about how there’s no love worth saving like one that shares your name, then he played one about getting lost in my mind. He filled my heart with joy by playing a couple of originals back to back. Home was really sweet and so was Anna-Marie. He followed with a very new original about wanting to fix this and making it real and I was in a happy place. He told a fun story about playing drunk at the Skinny Pancake the night of GPN then kicked out a fun version of Running On Empty. He announced that he had just recorded the next song with Ryan Cohen at Robot Dog Studio and played the coolest mellowest acoustic Enter Sandman that you may ever hear. I love his version so much. Brothers sounded sweet, then he competed the Crows hat trick with Round Here. Up next was another classic that had everyone in the room singing “I want it that way.” It flowed through a few more songs, and he spoke about how everyone has a little Whitney in them, then ended at the beginning. He wrapped the night with another suite of songs that started by being stuck up on some stage singing sad songs, went into Puple Rain, was forever yours faithfully for a bit, slid through a little Bohemian Rhapsody then ended with Let It Be.

I was impressed that he played a full two hour show without a break and walked out the door with a huge smile inside and out. What a great afternoon of music.

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