Troy Millette and Bethany Conner at On Tap Bar and Grill February 23, 2019   Leave a comment


Bethany Conner and Troy Millette


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturdays ago at On Tap Bar & Grill in Essex. I had to work that early evening, but as soon as I could, I hopped into the car and drove to the show. I got in and settled as Troy Millette Music was finishing up a song. He dove into Mr Jones and may have changed the opening lyric but I wasn’t quite settled enough to be sure. I’m On Fire had a little Dancing In The Dark in the middle, then he filled my heart with Magnolias. I think the next one was a Taylor Swift cover then he brought up Bethany Conner Music to join him on his song Home. It sounded lovely.


He left the stage but she continued on with a song called Home. Her dad Greg Conner played cajon on a few songs and she played solo on several. She has an endearing voice and bright attitude. Her stories are as much fun to listen to as Troy’s so it’s great that they play together so often. She encouraged her friends to step back from that ledge then said hey soul sister. She played a cool song called Clearer from her upcoming album that I’m anxious to hear. Wonderwall was fun, then she played one about how even the best fall down. She played one about the boy who went away to college and didn’t come back called I Miss You, then played a newer one called Anchor that is quickly becoming a favorite. The line about how they call it the real world because you’re not allowed to dream always catches me. Drops of Jupiter sounded great then she played a song about the one that got away. She sang 1 2 3 better come back to me, then wrapped her set with Landslide. I really enjoy her songs and am enjoying watching her evolve. The future is unlimited.

Apparently, I had missed Bethany’s first set, caught some of Troy’s first set, caught all of Bethany’s second set, so it was time for Troy to finish off the night. He opened with an Atlantic City/Fast Car medley, then played a beautiful version of his song Brothers. He played a new song that said something in your love feels like home. He followed with Ghosts (Of What We Used To Be) and I was in a very happy place. He played another medley of ’90’s songs and emphasized the dance with somebody Whitney inspiration that he has found. He brought up Jesse and Steve from Shake and played a song about running around this town. They capped the night with Running On Empty and the crowd was in a happy place.

I chatted briefly then took the long drive home. I missed a lot but did catch 25 songs and had a great night.

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