Francesca Blanchard, Clever Girls, and J Bengoy at ArtsRiot February 15, 2019   Leave a comment


Francesca Blanchard

I had a great time seeing music a couple of Fridays ago at ArtsRiot. It was a nice day off and I had plenty of time to take the long icy walk to Pine st. The walking was pretty good, though a few sidewalk lakes and random ice kept me on my toes.

I got in and settled and Francesca Blanchard took the stage with a fantastic band. They sounded smooth and graceful and helped Francesca’s songs soar. Her voice was warm and elegant and she had a delightful stage presence. They opened with a song about passing through then filled my soul with My Heart. They sang about dreams of the west coast and about the time of love. A song about how the Earth was slightly off-kilter was played just by Francesca then the band returned for a song about living other people’s lives. As a post Valentines Day gesture, she gave teddy bears to each member of the band, and had some for the other bands too. They played a couple more cool songs and ended with a dancey pop song with some nice rhythm changes. It’s always a treat to hear Francesca sing and play, and this wonderful band only made the experience more magnificent.


Francesca Blanchard

The set break was quick, then Clever Girls hit the stage and rocked it hard. They started a little slow with Dumb Smile then yelled out the 1 2 3 4 to kick off Loose Tooth. They played a cool new song then gave Catch And Release a nice slow burn treatment. Owen had a nice steady flow then charged into drenched rock glory. They played another really cool new song that may have been about burning the house down then followed with a new song from Rob Slater that had a slow and sultry feel. They slowly brought the energy back to the peak with Hannah then tore the roof off of the place with a blistering version of Heavy. I was ecstatic.


Clever Girls

After another reasonable set break, J Bengoy took the stage and delighted the full room with their breezy joyous music. Their songs have a lovely flow with a hint of jam, some sweet rock and roll and lots of pop. They quickly bring you to a happy place. I didn’t really know their songs well, so I just listened and was in a very happy place for every moment. They played some upbeat songs. They played one that was super dreamy. Towards the end of the set they brought Francesca up for backing vocals on So Good (I Could Die). Despite the lyric, the song is bouncy and catchy and lit up the room. They rocked out a few more songs and ended with a song about how the rain keeps crashing over. I really need to get to know their music better, and to see them whenever I can.

I hung out for a little bit then took the treacherous long walk home. While the show was super hot, the outside air cooled and froze all the sidewalk water. Step after careful step eventually got me home. It didn’t matter at all, the show was totally worth the effort.


J Bengoy


J Bengoy


J Bengoy

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