The Dead Shakers and Sun Parade at Nectar’s January 4, 2019   Leave a comment


The Dead Shakers


I had a great time seeing music January 4th at Nectar’s.

The Dead Shakers are a tremendous band who will take you into a jam, trip you out for a while, then return you happily to normalcy. They opened with Accidental Graveyard and followed with a song about how there’s no such thing as touch down there. They sang of ghosts on video with a long intense jam then rocked out Taung Child. They asked which one is the next one then encouraged us to use out super powers. They closed the set with another huge jam while asking can you take me back. I was in heaven for every note of the show.

There were two cool bands coming up but I had to be at work in the morning, so I could only catch one. I hung out and Sun Parade took the stage with a furious burst of rock and roll. While their sound was rocking, they had elements of the Dead, psychedelic, indie, and soul. They sang about being cool when the end was near and wondered where do we go from here. They played a heavy rocker about not wanting to talk about the consequences then played one about thinking about it and talking about it. They played a song with a late night soul sound then played one about hanging around in outer space. They played a funky indie song then followed with a rocker about how all you see is black and white. They closed with a fun song about needing someone to help me. I really enjoyed their set, but was out the door as the last note faded. It was another great night of music in our town.



Sun Parade

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