Danny & The Parts at Hotel Vermont January 5, 2019   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music on January 5th at Hotel Vermont. Yes, I really am that far behind on show write-ups.

I was in the mood for some mellow happy music and Danny & The Parts fit the bill. They played some countrysih pop in an endearing way. They sang about having a feeling that you’re wanted back home and how maybe there’s a war. They tossed in covers like Tougher Than The Rest and From Hank To Hendrix. Danny LeFrancois sang most of the songs but Jackie Buttolph graced us with a couple of lead vocals. They asked why you puttin’ down that phone and sang of driving all alone. They though it was a shame living without you then learned to fly. Jackie, Brennan and Eric left for a bit and Danny jammed out a rocking instrumental and followed it with a sly version of Don’t Do Me Like That. The band returned and played a few more happy songs, such as a cover of Tom T Hall’s song Memphis. Eric moved from bass to acoustic guitar and Jackie played bass on a song about walking arm in arm. They moved back to their regular instruments for Big Daddy and followed with a cool version of I’m On Fire. They tossed in a few more lovely songs and called it a night.

I hung out for a little bit then took the lovely walk home.

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