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Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM will run from 9-11pm Eastern Time Thursday January 24. You can stream it from our Facebook page or here: WBKM.ORG It will go as follows.

Song before: Marching Bands of Manhattan – Death Cab For Cutie


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin with a happy song about feeling down.

1.) Gravity – Milton Busker and the Grim Work
2.) Stratosphere – Joe Adler
3.) Great Escape – Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter
4.) Nose Dive – Julia Caesar

What a beautiful song about heading down into a nose dive. I love the moody songs form Joe and Jeremy. Great song from Milton. They will be at The Garage VT tomorrow night. What do you see when you look in the mirror?

5.) Like What You See – Jesse Taylor
6.) Love Me Forever – Steady Betty
7.) Clandestino – Mal Maïz
8.) On Backstreets – Eastern Mountain Time

Stunning song from Eastern. Mal sings of what it’s like to be an immigrant in America but does it in a fun catchy way. His music always makes me happy. Same is true for Betty and Jesse, who will be at Radio Bean on Tuesday. OK, this band should make you smile.

9.) Hi From Vermont – The Smittens
10.) Saturday – Danny & The Parts
11.) Walk On By – ROUGH FRANCIS
12.) Sequoia 3 – Binger

I love the lyric in that song about how we all started from the same root. Great song from Francis about not always confronting stupid people about stupid things and just walking on by to the lovely fun people caring compassionate people, like Rough Francis.. Great new song from Danny and the band and that’s a new classic from Smittens. OK, let’s rock.

13.) Loose Tooth – Clever Girls
14.) Panic – Miku Daza
15.) Don’t You Ever Stop – The Shandies
16.) Queen City – Cave Bees

Bees and Shandies will rock the Bean on Saturday night. Cool rocker from Miku. Clever will be at Higher Ground on Saturday. These next few bands will be at Drink Bar tomorrow. They sing about gods and monsters.

17.) Space Odyssey – Aliendog
18.) Oceans Will Rise – Green Chapel
19.) Sheep – Winooski Anvil Company
20.) Poseidon – Smokestack Lightning

If you want to rock hard tomorrow, go to Drink. OK, let’s keep rocking.

21.) Signal Loss – Zeus Springsteen
22.) By Design – The Nancy Druids
23.) Pennsylvania – The Red Telephone

Great rocker from the former local band and the two amazing current ones. OK, let’s dive deeper into the mind of the poet/playwright.

24.) Joe The Insect (Library) – Josh Bridgman
25.) Going Home – David Rosane & The Zookeepers
26.) Destroying Everything They See – Blue Button
27.) Mr Reed – Seth Yacovone Band

Mr Reed is such a great rocking way to end the show. Button are amazing. Thanks to Jason Cooley for putting out a deeper version of Josh’s album. It’s cool to go in and see why Joe wants to become a mammal. It’s cool that Zookeepers want to keep there being libraries for Joe to go to. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?

Songs after
Whiplash – Fish
Butt’s Wigglin – The Tragically Hip
Perpetual Change – Yes
The Surprising – Deep Purple
Who Are These Gods? – Dam Kat
Sat In Your Lap – Kate Bush
My Old House – Andriana Chobot
Kick Rocks – And The Kids
Ball Of Confusion – Love And Rockets
Sisters – The Church
Above My Ground – Landlady
Pillar Of Truth – Lucy Dacus
Heavy – Clever Girls
Get Me Outta Here – Deep Purple
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
regular awesome programming

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