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Humble Hero pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music Friday night at The Double E. It had been a long day of running errands but I hadn’t checked out the band in a while, and was hungry for tacos, so I took the drive to Essex. The start time was improbably listed as 6:45 so I arrived around 6 and had plenty of time to eat. I wandered into the almost full show room around 6:30 and a few minutes later the room filled and Humble Hero began to play. I had seen a couple of acoustic shows in that room and hoped the band would just rock out. David Francis played an acoustic guitar instead of an electric but Jerry’s bass playing rocked and Mike’s drumming was strong and I was in a happy place. They opened with a cowpunk vibe as they asked where is law and order in a song called Fortress. I loved the sound and the way they put the song together and was smiling from the first note. They sang a song about sanctity called Chaos Theory then Jerry sang a song about reconnecting. I think it was called Siren. Dave returned to vocals for a cover of a cover of Dylan’s Senor. A song about being sorry senorita followed then they sang about being by my side. Jerry sang a song about getting the hang of this then Dave lead the band as they rocked out a song called Celebrate. They closed set one with their signature song that some DJ keeps playing. L Ron Hubbard is such a fun song.

During the set break I chatted with cool people like Eric Koval and Hunter Phelps then ducked back in the room when I heard the music play. Dave began the second set solo and the band joined him at the very end of the song about lying in bed like Bryan Wilson would. The band rocked out a song about Claudine which featured some fun lyrics. They pulled out a cover of Radio Nowhere then mixed things up a little. Dave moved to bass and Jerry took the guitar and sang about excusing me my dear if I disappear. They went back to the normal lineup for Gotta Get Away which featured the fun lyric “hello 2am it’s me again.” The room was full of parents and kids and the little ones from the back row requested Where Is My Mind. The band obliged and played a sweet version of the Pixies song. They closed set two with a trio of songs they refer to as the drinking trilogy. The first was a song about drinking a box of wine called The Ocean Song. The line about how my life doesn’t come pre-assembled jumped out. They followed with The Dude At The Bar and closed with an Irish drinking song called The Beer Song. Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band should really add that one to their roster.

I hung out for the break then settled back in as Dave opened set three solo. He told stories all night long about growing up in Ireland and is an endearing front man. He sang a song about how in the ’60’s a lot of Irish people went to England for work in the building trades and about how many never made it home. The band returned for a fun indie rocker about dear your majesty. A song about unemployment in Ireland called We Govern The Breeze was brilliant then they played a pretty song about a birds eye view. They sang about trust issues on CIA then sang about how people in power have abused people’s trust in Can’t Take Away. A fun indie rocker called Playground got the audience clapping along. I think it was in F sharp minor. They closed the night with a song about a Television Show but the audience wanted more. They encored with a strong quirky rocker called Hollywood that got the kids dancing.

I said a quick goodbye and took the short drive home. I found the right road this time and was pleased I put the effort in.




Humble Hero pic by Tim Lewis





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