Steve Harris and British Lion with Coney Hatch at Théâtre Corona in Montreal November 5, 2018   Leave a comment


British Lion pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a week ago Monday at Théâtre Corona in Montreal. I met up with my brother around 2 in Shelburne Vermont, and we took the lovely drive north. It was a bit gray and rainy but not too bad. We made it over the Champlain bridge but found the Atwater exit closed. I took the next one and got hopelessly lost. I drove towards downtown until I found a street that I knew. I took it and eventually found Notre Dame. I found the theater and got a close parking spot. We grabbed a quick bite of dinner then walked up and down the street for a bit. I saw a sign that I thought would take me to the right road when it was time to leave, so I was feeling pretty good. We got in line and waited for a bit then the doors opened.

The Theater is old, intimate and has a lovely character. There were no seats and the balcony was closed. As people arrived it became clear that it would not be jam packed but there was a good crowd. After a bit Coney Hatch hit the stage. They came out and rocked hard and had fun. They told stories of opening the show for Iron Maiden in 1983 at the Montreal Forum, which was my third rock show ever. Apparently, Steve Harris called them to ask them to open for the Canadian leg of the tour. Hatch sang songs for the ladies and for the guys and tossed in a cover of Angel City’s Marsailles that brought back some pleasant memories. In Fallen Angel they said the riff reminded them of something and slid into a little Radar Love before going back and finishing Angel. They pleased the crowd with a string of familiar songs at the end. Hey Operator and Devil’s Deck were cool but I think everyone was most excited for Monkey Bars which closed the set. It was a fun show.



Coney Hatch pic by Tim Lewis

The set break was the usual 30 minutes then Steve Harris British Lion hit the stage. With a strong singer, a killer drummer, twin ripping guitars and Steve on bass, the band played fast and furious. I had not checked out the album so I just listened and rocked out. The first two seemed to fly by at blistering speed. They lightened up a tiny amount when the singer added a little acoustic guitar on a few songs but most of the set was at Maiden speed. They sang about last chances and being bible black and riding the spitfire. They sang of God and Lucifer and how it’s us against the world. I’m pretty comfortable listening to bands play songs I don’t know so I got into the flow and loved every rocking moment. Seeing Steve from 20 feet away was great. He never sings into the microphone but always sings the words and it was nice to be close enough to see it. They played a brand new song for us that was cool then closed the set with a mini epic called Judas. They said that would have closed the set, but did not want to do the leave and come back thing. They stayed on stage and rocked out two more at a stunning pace. What a great show. They shook hands with the front row, tossed out some guitar picks, took a bow and said goodnight.

We left the theater and a steady rain was coming down. We got to the car and drove a couple of blocks and was soon in the Atwater tunnel. I saw the tiny sign for Rt 15 S and took the exit and was soon on the Champlain. The rain added a little challenge for a while, then it eased off and we sailed the rest of the way home. What a great night.



British Lion pic by Tim Lewis



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