Zentauri play to The Shining at ArtsRiot October 24, 2018   Leave a comment


Zentauri pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing a band and a movie a week ago Wednesday at ArtsRiot. I worked until 7:30 and zipped down to Pine st and arrived around 8. I thought I would be late but my timing turned out well. Zentauri took the stage and lit into a heavy drone as the opening scene of The Shining began to play. Things were going great until the beginning of the interview scene and the projector turned off. The band kept playing along for a bit, then took a break when a ladder was brought out to check the connections on the projector. The issue was quickly fixed and we settled back in to the eerie movie. The band had a nice dark feel to the musical flow. They brought a heavy intensity for the blood flowing out of the elevator scene. They had a nice quick pace on the scenes where Danny was riding around the hotel. They lightened the mood when appropriate and were savage when Jack was chopping down the door. My favorite part of the performance may have been the sounds they emitted during the scenes where Jack was typing. They kept the music tense as Danny escaped the maze then brought the show to a nice conclusion. The sound from the movie was turned up for the closing shot of the old photograph and the end credits. It was another great night of music in town.



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