House Of LeMay and Rue Mevlana at the Off Center For The Dramatic Arts October 19, 2018   Leave a comment


House Of LeMay pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a couple of Friday’s ago at the Off Center for the Dramatic Arts. There are not of rules in the local music scene, but one of them is to see Rue M. whenever you can. The show is different every time, but is always over the top. I had a relaxed day then took the short walk to Archibald street. I got in and settled and a couple of people spoke and sang about deer camp. A green face appeared on the screen and told tales of attempting to vanquish the The House of LeMay. Scary as he was, no success was to be had. The ladies took the stage and regaled us with stories from Beaver Pond and songs about how bigger is better and a fun reworking of Moonlight In Vermont. Their show was lots of fun.

They left the stage and Rue began to let the night go crazy. They opened with a fun song about a boogeyman then took us south for a tale of a witch queen from New Orleans. It’s hard to describe all the costumes and backing visuals but they were stunning. Everyone gathered around Ms Frankenstein for Frankenpussy then everyone ran ran ran from the devil man. The show turned very sweet when one of the characters sang Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, but took a dark turn when she was attacked with blood streaked images darkening the screen. Having sunk into such a dark place it took the power of LeMay to return sanity for a fun version of Monster Mash. Rue closed the night by getting the audience to dance along and do the Time Warp.

It was a really fun show, and it the music was a bit more dancey than I prefer, the whole show was as much fun as I prefer.

Note: I took a couple of pictures of Rue that came out excessively poorly. I swiped the pic of Rue from their Facebook page and want to thank Eva Sollberger for it.



Rue Mevlana pic by Eva Sollberger


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