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I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturdays ago at The Double E. It had been a while since I had caught up with Aaron Flinn. The timing was perfect, so I took a drive out to Essex. I grabbed some food from The Mad Taco then went into the former movie theater and began to listen. Aaron regaled us with fun stories, his super deep voice, and his amazing guitar playing. If he is feeling rusty at all, that night sure shook a bit off. He began by playing a fuzzy looped super cool song on a tiny electric guitar with a huge sound. He played Randy Newman’s God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind) and it was just wonderful. Scattered Birds was lovely then he let his hands dance explosively over the guitar on the instrumental Paper Tiger. It seems like he uses that one to really lock the fire into his playing and I’m always happy to hear him play it. He took us south for a visit to The House Of The Rising Sun, then played a poignant song called Love Is A Part, from his upcoming album. A very new instrumental called Stick To Your Guns was cool, as was another very new song called Insult To Injury. If you know Aaron at all, you know the next song, So Much Love, is him in a nutshell. He had switched to the acoustic guitar for several songs but moved electric with Miss Ready Blossom to end the set.

I hung out and chatted with Eric Koval for a bit, then it was time for set two. Aaron’s deep voice was perfect for a cover of Everybody Knows, then he followed with a song about dancing to a beating heart. He played Here Comes The Sun, the song that he and George wrote, then switched back to the electric for a gentle beautiful instrumental. He followed with a Neil Youngish instrumental, then played a song about how the steam that blows the whistle never turns the wheel. He dedicated a song to Eric about fractured bones and how when they heal, they still work, but they work differently now. He used his water glass and mic stand to play slide on a bluesy rock jam. He let it slip into a little bit of Let My Love Open The Door then sang about how everything makes me dizzy. He followed with the first song on his next album. I think the song was called Names and the album will be called Handsome Devil. The lyric was something about how sticks and stones will break my bones but names will only break my heart. He capped the night with a dizzying guitar pyrotechnics display as he urged us all to raise our hands.

I hung out for a bit then took the drive home. It’s always a pleasure to hear Aaron play. And, when he feels he’s shaken the rust off, watch out world.

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