Jason Baker and Kip de Moll at The Double E September 12, 2018   Leave a comment


Jason Baker


I had a great time seeing music Wednesday night at The Double E. I had been meaning to catch up with singer songwriter Jason Baker and the timing ended up perfect, so I took a drive out to Essex. I grabbed some food at The Mad Taco and chatted with Eric Koval for a bit. I finished eating just in time to head through the open door into the old small movie theater room as Jason began playing America Dreams. He played a cool version of A Locally Specific Blues then a song about holding on to the truth. The next band got up for a few songs. Kip de Moll sang and played acoustic guitar and was joined by Jesse Cowan on bass, Ian Koeller on drums, and Joe Sabourin on lead electric guitar. They had a sweet sound with a solid rhythm and Joe alternated between quietly ripping leads and searing slide. They sang about raising your voice and rejoicing. They played a song about dressed up blues and one about an aloof cat. Jason returned and told fun stories. He sang a dual use song, the entirely familiar Film At 11 then one about the post-millennial blues. Kip and the band returned to the stage with a countryish song about leaving in the morning since it would hurt more if he stayed. Joe’s slide guitar was sweet on the song about sitting in the perpetual motion of the ocean of life, then they found a Dead like feel on one that is only over when it’s done. Jason returned for a song with super-fast lyrics about an old time breakdown. Say Now was about people who misuse words then he told us about someone else’s situation. He then pulled out a cover about Buddha and about how you’re gonna hurt. Kip returned solo for a song about being hard pressed to know what I would do without you and the band returned in the middle of the song and rocked it a bit. They sang about how playing music makes life worth living, about how sometimes a hero gets left out in the cold, and about sitting by the window. Jason came back for a song about fighting for your right to live in the light. He sang a song to help aliens understand us about how we are apes with cars and guns and money. He closed with a tribute to Lou Reed with a song about taking it into the light. Kip and the band came back for a song about wondering who knows where love goes then they followed it with one about reaching out and trying. They played one about a broken mirror then Joe came to the front to sing one. It was about leaves beginning to fall and his voice was very nice.

That wrapped up the show. I hung out and chatted with Eric and Jason for a bit then Eric showed me the larger T-rex theater room they can use for big shows. It’s a pretty cool place and I’m sure I’ll be back in the near future



Kip de Moll and band.

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