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Deep Purple

I had a great time seeing music Wednesday in Montreal at Centre Bell. I met up with my brother Ken in the early afternoon and took the drive north. A heavy rainstorm made for a few harrowing moments on the highway, and I pulled into a shopping center, but it cleared quickly and we kept going. There were blue skies over the city and plenty of sun as we wound our way through the construction after crossing the Pont Champlain. I found the Atwater tunnel then found a parking garage near the venue. We walked up and down St Catherine St for a bit in search of a record store that seems to have vanished. We ate some food then went to the venue.

We got in and settled and about 6:56 The Temperance Movement hit the stage. They played fun straight up rock with lots of enthusiasm. Both guitarists took solid lead breaks at times and the singer worked the audience. They were a lot of fun.


The Temperance Movement


My Brother Ken

They put a giant curtain in front of the stage and the music began to swell. It dropped and got sucked into the back of the stage as Judas Priest roared to the front with a mighty version of Firepower. New guitar player Andy Sneap fit in perfectly and Rob Halford’s voice shredded the stadium. Ian Hill and Scott Travis pushed the songs into our faces and Richie Faulkner played the metal guitar god role to the hilt. They surged into Delivering The Goods then Halford screamed out Sinner. There was very little chatter and they dove from song to song. Lightning Strike was awesome then they pulled out Desert Plains, which was a wonderful surprise. We all sang Turbo Lover with gusto then they eased back a tiny amount for the searing Rising From Ruins. Freewheel Burning was blistering then we all sang You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’. Everyone left the stage then the motorcycle began to roar. Rob rode it out and the band came back for a supercharged Hell Bent For Leather. Travis introduced Painkiller and they unloaded a scorching version of it to close the set. We wanted more and they gave us more than expected. A wave of awe went through the room as Glen Tipton joined the band and they stomped out Metal Gods. Rob spoke affectionately about Glen and they honored him with No Surrender. Glen had a couple of cool lead breaks as the band charged through Breaking The Law and they wrapped the night by Living After Midnight. It was a great show all around, but seeing Glen play four songs put it over the top.


Judas Priest


Judas Priest with Glen Tipton

At that point it seemed like we had seen a full show, but I had to force myself to realize that there was another band coming up.



Deep Purple

The stage crew quickly disassembled the Priest set in favor of a simple line of amps with the drums and keys in the middle. The lights went down, an image of the band carved in rock filled the video screen and Mars The Bringer Of War roared through the speakers. As it wrapped up, most of the band took the stage and lit into Highway Star. Ian Gillan casually strode in from the back, through the space between the keys and drums and ripped into the vocal. Roger Glover and Ian Paice stayed in a tight groove while Steve Morse and Don Airey traded lead guitar and keys all night long. They played a couple of songs I did not know but really enjoyed. Pictures Of Home and Bloodsucker had that nice Purple groove. Strange Kind Of Woman lit up the room then they played another newer one called Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming. It was really cool. Like Priest, there was not a lot of chatting with the audience,as they drove from song to song. Gillan did speak about the song Uncommon Man and said it was for John Lord. They jammed out Lazy then went Knocking At Your Back Door. Airey took a short keyboard solo and somewhere in the middle began to play Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. It went over quite well. As he was wrapping up the band returned and they slid into Perfect Strangers. They took us out into the galaxy for Space Trucking then dove into Smoke On The Water. The audience sang so loud it was hard to hear Gillan, and that was just fine. They called it a night, left the stage, came back a few seconds later and jammed out Hush. They wrapped up just about exactly at 11.

We went back to the car and drove out of town. The usual route that takes me to the Pont Champlain seemed to have no exits to the bridge and I ended up on 15 North. Many exits were closed and it was finally in Laval that I was able to turn around and get on 15 South. That took me over the bridge and it was a smooth ride home. What a wonderful night.


Deep Purple


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