The Nancy Druids, The Atlantic Effect, and Carraway at The Monkey House August 25, 2018   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Saturday at The Monkey House. It was one of those bills with two bands I love and one I knew nothing about, so I was excited.

I took the lovely long walk to Winooski and got and settled and The Nancy Druids took the stage and rocked out Sky. December had a lovely pop sound with a shimmering guitar sound that made me smile. Bitter Days began with a chunky Rikenbaker bass riff from John Franklin and the song coalesced into pure delight. I Can’t Remember Who You Were soared to glorious rock heights and I felt like I was swimming in Sean Toohey’s massive guitar break at the end. Vondle Park was a slice of joyous pop then they rocked furiously on Halo. I love the powerhouse drum parts that Ann Mindell throws in. By Design was lovely and Salvation was inspirational. They rocked The Space Between super hard and that was going to close the show, but they had about four minutes left in their allotted time. They closed the night with a fun cover of Give A Little Bit. What a great set.


The Atlantic Effect pic by Tim Lewis

After their set I looked back and was pleased to see the room was mostly full of people. I chatted with Loren and Molly King for a bit then it was time for The Atlantic Effect. They opened with a jazzy instrumental that soon began to rock. They played a bluesy rock song about picking up the pieces and bringing it all back home. They sang about what it takes to be my sweet Virginia then tossed in a Band Of Horses cover that I did not know. It was pretty cool. They played a song about it being time for work and a cover I did not know with a funky groove. They played a song with a smokey blues sound then a super fast cover that might have been a Beastie Boys song, or something that sounded like that. They wrapped up the set with another blues rocker about giving me a second chance and that was that.


Carraway pic by Tim Lewis

I hung out for a bit during the set break then Carraway hit the stage hard with a cool new song about Pluto. It grabbed me immediately. Lion Tamer followed and rocked hard. They eased up for the gorgeous I’ve Come To Love and my heart was smiling. They played a cool song I did not know about making a deal with the devil when you sin’t got no soul. I was in a happy place as they sang songs about not wanting to do this anymore, being under the sea and being Kool. Time To Save The Wold had that lovely build then they became nice and heavy on The Anchor. They had us Raising The Dead and taught us how to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, in the worst way. They rocked hard on last night and closed with a great cover of Where Is My Mind. I love their sense of melody and drama and am very excited about the new songs they have.

I headed out fairly soon after. I contemplated how the show might have been cooler if Carraway and the Druids had played back to back, since their music is similar and Atlantic was a departure, as I took the long walk home. That said, I was happy to catch what I did.



Carraway pic by Tim Lewis



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