David Rosane and the Zookeepers at the library at BFA in Fairfax Vermont August 3, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music Friday night at a library in Fairfax. I’d been aching to get to one of the 14 shows that David Rosane & The Zookeepers are doing this summer to promote the value of books, learning and community centers. It such a cool concept to go to small towns and raise money to help people have opportunities to share life and knowledge. Plus, you get to hear a band play some rocking music in a library!

The drive was easy and I arrived close to 7. I hung out a bit as people slowly trickled in. The band hit the stage about 7:30 and played a sweet version of Sugar And Cream. David Rosane has a distinctive and comforting voice and drives the songs on his acoustic guitar. Jennifer Grossi sings gorgeous backing vocals, adds some keys, percussion and other fun noises. Don Sinclair adds some sweet leads and cool tones on the electric guitar. The music blended nicely and the vocal interplay between Jen and David was especially lovely. They played a cool version of Stardust For Dessert then the fun started. David is an engaging front man and a nice storyteller and kept us enthralled. After the second song he introduced the word serendipity and took a bag with titles of the bands songs and tossed it into the audience. The gentleman who caught it pulled the next song. Ba Doom is more of an acoustic punk song and I happily rocked through it. I ended up with the bag next and they played a cool version of Grandma, adding a darker verse at the end. Hope In The Dark was pulled next and Jen’s voice soared. That song always fills me with joy. They went a little country with My Life In The West then rocked out on Break A Leg. They took a quick break to pass the basket for donations to the library then Enemy was pulled. David spoke about the gentleman from France who did artwork on the new Book Of Zoo album who asked what we would be if we did not have and enemy. Urban Country elicited a conversation about where the city ends and the country begins, and was a darn catchy song. The Real World sounded great and Paris Is For Love was the last song picked from the bag. I did not write down the song they closed with but I’m pretty sure it was Today Is Mine. There is something powerfully affirming about that slice of joy.

After the show I hung out a bit and chatted with the band, Anne Lisbet Tollånes, and Rep Barbara S Murphy. I learned that on Wednesday nights during the legislative session (January to May) they have musical performances by bands for something they call Farmer’s Night. It’s a one hour show that gets broadcast on VPR, so if you are interested, let your state representative know.

The drive home was easy and I had a chance to relax before diving into work on Saturday.


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