Julia Caesar and Clever Girls at Vermont Public Radio June 28, 2018   Leave a comment


Julia Caesar pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last night at Vermont Public Radio. I usually don’t go out on Thursdays but the lineup was irresistible. The show was set to go from 6-9:30, so I headed out around 5:30 and arrived a bit before 6. I then realized that the show was really at 7, so I hung out and began to run into a ton of great people. John Billingsley took me on a tour of the impressive control room. Rob Slater brought me back to the band’s backstage conference room. Apparently, rock stars do charts with quadratic equations while waiting for the gig to start. Who knew.

As showtime approached I went into Studio One and hung out with the Big Heavy World crew until it was showtime. Julia Caesar took the stage and unleashed a gorgeous performance filled with lush harmonies, challenging twists and turns, and some super sweet guitar work. They sang about Saturn’s rings, the fire in your eyes and ashes falling down. They took on issues such as people telling her she takes up too much space. They sang a song called Ode To The River and spoke about how women’s bodies worked. They sang about being alone and taking a nose dive in deep water. They closed the night with Liz laying down some guitar noise, Megan playing a sweet lead, Katy Hellman singing about the music going through them, and Steven drumming hard. They were just great.

The set break was short then Clever Girls got up to play. They opened strong with Catch And Release then played a lovely version of their single, Dumb Smile. They brought the energy back up for Owen and kept rocking through Loom. 45 started slow and steady and built into rock glory. They pulled out a song I did not know and rocked it hard. I think it was about being weird. Rob said the next song was his favorite because Diane Jean sings and plays the first part solo. It rocked nicely when the drums, Tobias Sullivan‘s bass, and Winfield Holt‘s guitar kicked in. They closed the night with a furious version of Heavy that lit up the room. It was so great to hear them play.



Clever Girls pic by Tim Lewis


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