The Nancy Druids at Light Club Lamp Shop May 29, 2018   Leave a comment


I had a great time seeing music Tuesday May 29th at Light Club Lamp Shop. I worked until 9, did a quick turnaround at home and walked downtown. I got in about 5 minutes late for the 9:30 show but the band were not on yet. I got nicely settled then The Nancy Druids opened with Sky. Just Another Day rocked hard and Vondle Park blew through my mind like a cool breeze. That is such a magical song. December had a nice shimmer and By Design caught everyone in the room. Sean’s singing and guitar playing were nice and it was cool to concentrate on the many leads that he let loose on us. Ann Mindell rocked the drums and gave most of the songs a sassy ending. Salvation soared then Bitter Days began with John getting a nice Rickenbacker thump. Can’t Remember Who You Were rocked hard and Disappear had a nice solo at the end. Halo blew the room away then they followed with the super catchy Sign. They closed the night by rocking The Space Between into the stratosphere. I wish you were there to see it.

I hung out for a bit then took the short and lovely walk home. I’m go glad the timing worked out so well and I was able to catch them again.


Posted June 8, 2018 by tmusicfan in Rock Shows

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