David Rosane & The Zookeepers at Cork Wind Bar and Market April 21, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturday’s ago at Cork Wine Bar & Market. The day began with the memorial service for my mom at the Williston Federated Church. After the service, and spending time with friends and family, my brother Ken and I thought we could use a little music.

We took the long drive to Waterbury and finally found the place. David Rosane was onstage singing and we were enthusiastically greeted by Jennifer Grossi and Don Sinclair. David played songs about no scary monsters and burying them and rocked out a nice Freeway. Soon after that Jen and Don took the stage and David Rosane & The Zookeepers were complete. They played a song about having a merry effing Christmas and one about having a fascinating life. They played a cool version of Grandma then played one about going home. Urban Country was great and so was the one about Devils and Angels. They played a song about telling the children what I’ve done and one that asks where my magic carpet is, before I hit the ground. This City was fun and Judgement Day kept me from being afraid. Ba Doom made me a feminist (and a lot of other ists) and Stardust For Dessert sent the usual chills. Hope In The Dark shone a powerful light and Sugar & Cream was sweet. They sang of a world with no enemies and one about my life out west. The Real World was cool and Break A Leg had a nice swagger. My Suicide was poignant and Today Is Mine took a hopeful turn. Waking up on the sunny side was nice and Paris Is For Love made me smile. They closed with something about liquid sunshine.

We hung out and chatted for a bit then took the long drive home. It was a long and beautiful day.



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