Zentauri live score to March Of The Penguins at Club Metronome March 12, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Mondays ago at Club Metronome. I had a nice day spending time with my cousins, then headed over to the show. I got in and settled and looked at the chairs and couch set up facing the large screen in front of the stage. I could see the drums on the left and Lauren Costello‘s cello to the right, but had to peek behind to see the guitarist and multi-instrumental musical genius Matthew Bryan Hagen. I chatted with Ryan Cohen and some other cool people, and soon enough, it was time for the movie to start The last time I saw Zentauri they performed an improvised live score to a horror movie. I wasn’t sure how it would go with the night’s movie, March Of The Penguins, but just went with it. They began a heavy Floydish tone as the opening credits rolled. The movie sound was turned down but the captions were on and it was easy to slip into the movie as the music wrapped itself around you. The music had a bit of swagger when the penguins were strutting around. The music had a bit of menace when the 100 mile per hour winds blew on the huddled creatures. It was a journey that is hard to capture with mere words, thusly echoing the travels documented in the movie. The crowd was quietly absorbed in the lush experience. When the end credits rolled it felt like coming out of a trance.

It was yet another amazing blend of art and music in our amazing town.




Posted April 2, 2018 by tmusicfan in Rock Shows

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