Milton Busker at Light Club Lamp Shop March 5, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Monday at Light Club Lamp Shop. The show was billed as Milton Busker and the Grimish Work but it turned out to just be him. That was fine since it had been ages since I’d seen him play solo. With a grey suit, a rich mellow voice capable of soaring, and an acoustic guitar he began with a song about how nobody loves you down there. The next song was about grieving and loving and praying that you will stay with me. He played a song about turning your orbit around and one about liking my disguise. He played a great version of Tom Petty’s Angel Dream and followed with the meanest thing he’ll ever write. He let his voice fill every fiber of the room on that one. He sang about Jesus In Chains and about being without you. He had a tablet at his feet and used his toes to lay the eerie tone for Dogs At The Door. He played a song about traveling and making money called Baby Let My Money Keep You Warm. He sang a song with sad words and a happy melody about being a lost cause. He sang about all of the ghosts that he has known. He played a cover that I did no know about how God gives us problems to see how much we can take. Ordinary Day is one of the most catchy songs I’ve ever heard and he added a little foot keys in the late middle section. He sang of being made of stars and did a great version of Redemption On Pearl. He let us know there is nothing left to do but sing to the day and sing to the night then extolled us to settle down with Gravity. He played a song with no surprises and closed the night with My Fear Of Losing You.

I headed out quickly and was so grateful on the lovely walk home.


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