Maryse Smith with Michael Chorney and Francesca Blanchard at Light Club Lamp Shop February 19, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Mondays ago at Light Club Lamp Shop. It was the third night of the Maryse Smith residency and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I got in and settled and Michael Chorney took the stage with an acoustic guitar and began to play. He opened with a couple of winter themed songs. One was about going from the east coast to the west and I missed details about the second but it was well crafted and as lovely as all of his songs are. He said he was from down south in Bristol and told stories of jam sessions at a local establishment. He continued on with songs about not doing what we just did again and singing out loud. He closed his set with a song about Caledonia and everyone was in a happy place.

Maryse and Francesca Blanchard joined him, with Maryse singing and playing acoustic and Francesca just singing. Their voices blended as beautifully as they did the week before. Maryse’s and Michael’s guitars similarly wrapped themselves around each other in a breathtaking way. They opened with Good Thing and followed with I Forgot. They sang the song about heading off for the stars and the song she wrote in Philadelphia about grabbing your pen and writing about it. They sang about having half a mind and about wine clouding your mind. Hold Me was wonderful as was New And Strange. Liar was as sharp and poignant as ever and they closed the night with the lovely 15 Steps.

It was another brilliant night of music in our town.




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