Justin Panigutti, Swale, and Surf Sabbath at Nectar’s February 14, 2018   Leave a comment


Swale pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music on Valentine’s Day at Nectar’s. I arrived a bit early and got some food and caught a few songs by Justin Panigutti. He played acoustic guitar and sang a song about how last summer got low down. He said some songs just find his guitar and played Sweet Melissa. He asked us to listen to his song about glory then played a couple of nice and big acoustic songs. He had a nice sound and I was happy I was there to listen.



Justin Panigutti pic by Tim Lewis

Nathan Curtis arrived and we chatted for a bit then SWALE took the stage and rocked it hard. They played the whole Paranoid album by Black Sabbath to celebrate the holiday. From the heavy riffs of War Pigs through the spacey journey of Planet Caravan they sounded deep, rich and gloriously heavy. Hand Of Doom was great as it moved through it’s many changes. After Electric Funeral Amanda “Ozzy” Gustafson asked us to imagine all of the members of the band wearing stilettos and standing on Paul Ryan’s chest. Jeremy Frederick had a blistering drum solo in Rat Salad and they capped the night with a story of smoking and tripping and how Faeries Wear Boots. They did a wonderful job with that legendary album.

Up next The High Breaks donned their robes and played a set as Surf Sabbath. They opened with a doom and gloom instrumental version of Black Sabbath then brought the songs to full surf-rock speed. Children Of The Grave was nice and heavy then they took us Into The Void. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was fun then we rocked out to Hole In The Sky. All of the songs are performed without lyrics but Matthew Bryan Hagen had some commentary in between. He asked if we were feeling lovesick and said that might be a Symptom Of The Universe. They rocked out Wicked World and closed the night by dedicating a song to Swale and all that they accomplished that night. Paranoid was a perfect ending.

It was yet another amazing night of music in our town.



The High Breaks performing as Surf Sabbath pic by Tim Lewis




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