Milton Busker and the Grim Work at Light Club Lamp Shop December 27, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music on Wednesday at Light Club Lamp Shop. I had a very relaxing day off, took a long nap, and as evening unfolded I took the lovely walk downtown. I got in and settled and chatted with Ryan Cohen for a bit. The club was reasonably full of people for a cold Wednesday as Milton Busker and the Grim Work took the stage. Milton’s songs take odd turns but have a comfortable pop sound. His voice is strong and steady. Now and then he unleashes it and fills the room. The band have a smooth flow and a classic rock sound that works with Milton’s indie rock songs in a way that I don’t understand but really appreciate. Many of the lyrics are on the dark side and are brilliantly masked by the happy music.

They opened with the easy to sing song that goes settle down, everything is broken and the end is near. They sang about loving the things you do and falling on my sword for you. Jesus In Chains featured Milton’s powerhouse voice. Baby Let My Money Keep You Warm was touching. A song about nobody loving you was followed by The Meanest Thing I’ll Ever Write. 16 Ton Soul started slow and bluesy and had a huge rock middle section. They started with a clap and stomp for a joyous song about gun violence with the chorus Heaven Knows There Ain’t Nothing We Can Do. It’s a lovely song until you really grasp the lyrics, then it’s a very strong political statement. Ordinary Day is super catchy and featured just Milton on voice and acoustic guitar until the song was almost done and the band came in for a huge rocking section. They rocked for a bit then eased off and let Milton finish it the way it began. They played a couple more really cool songs then tossed in a couple of covers. Breakdown and Mary Jane’s Last Dance were wonderful to hear. They continued on with songs about getting over all the things we do and the Devil’s Hand. They wrapped the night with a song about being glad to see you go.

I hung out for a little bit and said some goodbyes then took the lovely walk home. It was another brilliant night of music in our town.

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