David Rosane and the Zookeepers at Light Club Lamp Shop December 26, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Tuesday at Light Club Lamp Shop. I worked until 7 and had plenty of time to hang out, get motivated, and take the chilly walk downtown. It was cold enough to finally abandon the Spring/Fall jacket and put on the winter coat so I bundled up and found a good walking pace and was there in no time. I was a little early and got to chat with Anne Lisbet Tollånes for a bit before the show.

David Rosane & The Zookeepers took the stage and played David’s strong songs with Jennifer Grossi adding backing vocals, percussion, keys while Don Sinclair lit up the songs with his beautiful lead guitar. David Rosane has a deep and comforting voice and his melodies on acoustic guitar draw you right in. They opened with a rocking version of Grandma with some fun extra lyrics. They rocked out Urban Country and then sang about going home and wondered if we would tell the little children what we’ve done. They sang about the contrast between devils and angels. They made Cindy Lou Zoo, cat in the hat, and thing one, thing two references. They sang about the fear of flying a magic carpet before it hits the ground. They played songs like Judgment Day and Ba Doom, which is about being a feminist and many other things. They played the beautifully devastating Stardust For Dessert which is about the bombings and killings in Paris. They found Hope In The Dark and found love with Sugar And Cream. They wondered who their enemy was. My Life Out West began with Jen’s cool keys and the whole song showed off her unquantifiable greatness. They sang about how sweet it is to roll a rock uphill then dedicated The Real World to Ryan Cohen who made it out to the show. They asked What The Fuck Went Wrong and extolled the virtues of realizing that Today Is Mine. Jen did a vocal trumpet on This City then they sang of suicide. They turned it around and woke up on the sunny side of things and closed the night with a punk song about it pouring when it rains.

It was another fantastic performance and showcased the upcoming Book Of Zoo album. They will be back this summer doing a tour of libraries to help raise funds and awareness for those needed institutions.

I didn’t stay too late but did hang out and chat for a bit. The walk home was chilly and lovely and I was in a completely happy place.


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